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With the grand opening this summer of the Ark Encounter—a full-size wooden Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky—excitement about Noah’s Flood and the Ark will be high. The timing could not be better for AiG’s new VBS for 2016—Ocean Commotion!

Ocean Commotion Vacation Bible School gives children biblical truths that really hold water. With fun-filled lessons, skits, and songs focused on Noah and the global Flood, this VBS is brimming with real-world answers to questions that all kids ask.

As always, the Answers in Genesis team dumped a creative mix of fun activities, mind-blowing science, practical life lessons, and Christ’s lifesaving gospel into one all-inclusive mix. And this year’s package rises to the surface when it comes to Bible-confirming content.

Anchorwoman Ima Talker and scientist Dr. I. M. Wise will have the kids giggling and learning at the same time. Their lively presentation of Flood events is as true as it is entertaining. Children will also delight in free extras like the science experiments that make exploding volcanoes and authentic-looking fossils, all connecting the Bible lessons to today’s world. Even the daily games reinforce Bible truths, as the kids get “Flood soaked” and burn off lots of energy.

Ocean Commotion meaningfully engages kids with fun and relevant lessons.

Noah models how to live a godly life even when others are laughing at you. Each day focuses on one of Noah’s attributes—including his obedience, his trust, and his fear of God. The kids will learn that Noah was not sinless but he had faith in God and did his best to honor Him. They will learn about the saving grace God extended to Noah and that He offers to us through Jesus Christ.

Noah’s Flood is one of the most familiar, least-understood, and most-questioned events in God’s Word. This makes it a timely theme for VBS.

The week begins with the question, “Were people really that smart back then?” After all, primitive cavemen would not possess the skill to build an Ark. But the Bible clearly shows the first humans were intelligent. Adam and Eve’s first son, Cain, even built a city—so much for primitive cavemen! As the week continues, kids learn how colossal the Ark really was, how Noah and his family took care of the animals, and where the water came from.

Ocean Commotion meaningfully engages kids with fun and relevant lessons that get them thinking. Dive leaders will find the detailed teaching tips simple to follow and the undersea theme irresistible. The themes of grace and truth, as demonstrated in the Noah account, unify this powerful, life-changing curriculum.

Ocean Commotion, the newest VBS from Answers in Genesis, will challenge your kids to stand firm for God right where they are.

Check it out at answersingenesis.org/vbs/2016.

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