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Glass House and Replacing Darwin Combo

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  • Ages: Teens – Adults
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These digital downloads are included:

  • Glass House (EPUB - 6.7 MB)
    for iPad/iPhone, Android, Nook, and most other eBook readers.
  • Glass House (MOBI - 7.1 MB)
    for Kindle.
  • Glass House (PDF - 4.7 MB)
    for any device with Adobe Reader.
  • Replacing Darwin (MOBI - 14.3 MB)
    for Kindle.
  • Replacing Darwin (EPUB - 13.7 MB)
    for iPad/iPhone, Android, Nook, and most other eBook readers.
  • Replacing Darwin (PDF - 22.4 MB)
    for any device with Adobe Reader.

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This special 2-book combo packs a powerful punch to the outdated idea of Darwinian evolution!

What’s Included $20 value

  • eBook Glass House: eBook

    Twenty-seven questions with answers that refute the classic arguments for evolution/millions of years taught in public schools and colleges.

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  • eBook Replacing Darwin: eBook

    Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species is considered one of history’s most influential books and has become the foundation of evolutionary biology. But what if Darwin was looking at the same evidence today using modern science; would his conclusions be the same?

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