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  • 20 Pocket Guide Sample Pack
    20 Pocket Guide Sample Pack

    We’ve taken all 20 of our extremely popular and illustrated pocket guides—the perfect size for purse or glove box—and combined them with an unbelievably low price. Note: Additional discounts do not apply to this highly discounted pack.

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  • The Tower of Babel Pocket Guide
    The Tower of Babel Pocket Guide

    This pocket guide addresses many questions as experts show the implications the Tower of Babel had after the flood in areas such as geography, language, and culture. Only when we study Scripture do we begin to see the global consequences this event had.

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  • Social Issues Pocket Guide
    Social Issues Pocket Guide

    What does the Bible have to say about morality for today? What about stem cells, same-sex marriage, transgenderism, abortion, and racism? Huge social questions abound in today’s culture. Get answers based on the authority of God’s Word!

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  • The Bible Pocket Guide
    The Bible Pocket Guide

    The Bible claims to be the Word of God and to be sufficient for understanding the world in which we live. But how do we know it can be trusted? Why 66 books? Is the Bible enough? Are there contradictions? It’s written by the Creator, so we can put our trust in it!

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