The Scientific and Scriptural Case Against Human Cloning

Human cloning will become more acceptable to those who reject the Creator and His Word. Cloning of humans can be opposed for a variety of reasons.

Cloning to Produce Embryonic Stem Cells

Since embryonic stem cells can trigger rejection in a recipient, researchers hope to produce ESCs by cloning a patient’s own body cells, thus producing an ESC line that would not be rejected.

Can We Clone a Neanderthal?

Is Harvard geneticist George Church planning to follow in the footsteps of Jurassic Park’s John Hammond by re-creating Neanderthal people? Church, who was involved in the Human Genome Project, believes he can rebuild the DNA for a complete Neanderthal from DNA in Neanderthal fossils. Church wants to produce Neander-babies.

News About Cloning

Articles About Cloning


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