New Film Explores Patterns of Evidence

on January 1, 2020
Featured in Answers Magazine

On February 18, Tim Mahoney, award-winning director of the popular Patterns of Evidence movies, will release the next edition in the series, The Red Sea Miracle. This will be a special one-night event in 900 theaters across the United States.

Mahoney takes a bold stand on biblical authority and presents amazing evidences that confirm the Bible’s veracity. Mahoney’s other documentaries, The Exodus and The Moses Controversy, examine the history recorded in Exodus. Both films assert that the accounts of Moses’ life and writings—including Genesis and Exodus—must be accurate if we are to trust the New Testament accounts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the new film, Mahoney combines on-location explorations in Egypt and Saudi Arabia with life-like computer animated dramatization to reveal what the Bible says—and what Mahoney has discovered—about whether Moses actually crossed through the Red Sea. He also interviews top-level secular and biblical scholars in his search for clues that support the Bible’s timeline for this pivotal event of history.

Where did the Hebrew people cross? Does the evidence support that they passed through the depths of the Red Sea? And why does this seemingly impossible event matter? Find out in this latest Patterns of Evidence film.

Immediately after the film, an expert panel, including Ken Ham and Tim Mahoney, will be part of a post-show discussion for audiences in all 900 theaters.

For more information about the film and to find a participating theater near you, visit

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