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Hollywood Goes to War

on ; last featured December 26, 2006

It’s not just high-budget adventure films (King Kong, the Jurassic Park series, etc.) that have presented evolutionary content in recent times. The #1 movie in early April of this year was the animated Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, which features some pro-evolution comments.

For example, as the animals are threatened by a flood in their valley, one character says that they would all be saved if they could “rapidly evolve into water creatures.”

Such statements—even in a whimsical tale for children and adults—demonstrate once again how the creation/ evolution issue is a major part of today’s culture wars. Ever since the release of the highly inaccurate, anti-creationist “docu-drama” Inherit the Wind over 45 years ago, Hollywood has played a major cultural role in the humanist war against the truths of the Bible (including its moral standards).

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