Creationist “Child Abuse”



The antireligious stars of the new documentary-style film The Unbelievers have been tossing around the term “child abuse” to characterize parents or teachers who tell their young people that evolution is myth. Apart from the fact that such careless language minimizes actual child abuse, this new line shows how high the stakes have been raised in the fight against biblical creation.

But this claim should be expected from famed British atheist Richard Dawkins and American astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss, zealous evolution evangelists. As they foray into popular culture with lectures, YouTube videos, and now a theatrical film, they are showing just how much they hate the teaching of biblical truth—they really do believe it is abusing children.

In The Unbelievers, Krauss argues that creationist teachers in schools or homes are child abusers. Dawkins has elsewhere described them as child abusers,* and in the film he declares, “Science is beautiful. Religion is not beautiful. It gets in the way.”

Krauss maintains that any person’s views of science should be subject to question. How ironic, then, that he does not apply that principle to any public-school science teacher who would dare question the validity of evolution in the classroom.

A real tragedy occurs when secular activists tell youth that life has no meaning or purpose and ends in nothingness. Not only does such a hopeless view rob life of its value, it has dire eternal consequences. Meanwhile, will Professors Dawkins and Krauss next call on governments to rescue children from the clutches of creationist parents and teachers?


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