The War on Christmas

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A new book on Christmas examines popular issues, such as Christmas trees and the day of Jesus’s birth.

With the name Christmas, December 25 sounds like a date to be cherished by all who hold Christ dear. Some devout Christians, however, are convinced it should not even be on their calendar. Although the word Christmas is not in the Bible, its all-consuming role in Western society and its close historical association with Christianity show that believers need a biblical perspective on this holiday. The new book The War on Christmas provides just that.

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Some go so far as to say Christmas is a pagan celebration. They make this claim because December 25 is near the date of Saturnalia, an ancient Roman festival. But if we should honor God every day of the year, why not celebrate this day? According to the book, as long as we focus on giving thanks and honor to Christ, the Son of God, remembering the miracle of His incarnation at any time is not evil. We just need to recognize that we don’t know the actual date of His birth.

Is Santa Claus Harmful?

Some cherish the Santa Claus mystique, while others say “Santa” is just “Satan” in a jolly costume. Christian parents should not take this issue lightly. The Bible repeatedly speaks against practicing deceit, and persistently tricking children into believing in a mythical character is deceptive. Perhaps even worse is manipulating children to behave by promising rewards from Santa. We should instill in our children a desire to do right out of gratitude for God’s grace, not just to earn material rewards.

What Is the Real Christmas Message?

Some see Christmas as a prime opportunity for the church to reach lost souls because people are more open to presentations about the birth of Christ. While all aspects of Christ’s life are valuable launch pads for discussions of the gospel, in reality, the message begins with the bad news from Genesis, which the lost need to understand before they can fully appreciate the good news of Jesus’s birth, life, death, and resurrection.

In our culture most people do not believe in the first Adam, by whom death came into the world, so they are not willing to accept the saving work of the Last Adam, Jesus, who brings eternal life.

In The War on Christmas multiple authors go into depth on many topics, such as whether Christians should have Christmas trees and the day of Jesus’s birth. The book also explores misconceptions about the events surrounding Jesus’s birth. It examines the West’s change from embracing the nativity to shunning it and even replacing Christ with secular alternatives.

The War on Christmas is great for parents, teachers, preachers, or anyone else who wants to learn more about the Savior’s birth, as they share the good news of His sacrifice on the Cross and His Resurrection.

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