Powerful New Book

Powerful New Book from Ken Ham:
Dinosaurs of Eden: A Biblical Journey Through Time

on April 19, 2001

A unique book suitable for the entire family came hot off the press on Thursday, April 12.

A unique book suitable for the entire family came hot off the press on Thursday April 12. Not only is this striking publication extremely informative, it is one of the most powerful presentations of the Gospel given in any of the AiG creation resources.

On one Sunday morning, as Ken Ham was teaching in a church service, the idea that the Bible was like a time machine came to his mind. He explained to the congregation that in a sense, one could go backwards or forwards in history by jumping into the ‘time machine” of the Bible, and journeying through time, learning about the major events of the past and even the future.

Virtual Reality helmets

Ken was then burdened with the idea that he should write a book for the whole family that would incorporate this idea. He came up with the storyline that two people would put on special “virtual reality” helmets and go through a Bible “Time-Gate” that would take them on a journey through time.

Talented artists Earl and Bonita Snellenberger of Indiana, USA, were approached to illustrate this unique concept. One of the main reasons they agreed to take on this enormous project was because of the extremely strong and convicting presentation of the Gospel in the storyline. You can view some of the stunning artwork below.

Dino Eden Judgment

Ken said that this book, in essence, follows the storyline of AiG’s future Creation Museum. He stated, “if people want to know what, in general terms, the message of the Creation Museum is going to be, the storyline of this book basically follows a similar outline to the storyline of the museum.”

The book was originally written for middle elementary to junior high school level. But younger children will also love the artwork, and teens and adults will find the storyline as interesting as children will. It is one of those unique publications that is actually suitable for the entire family!

Another exciting aspect of this new book is that the illustrations also include the names and pronunciations of the numerous dinosaurs and other creatures—and many other fascinating facts are also included with many of the illustrations. All of this makes this publication a great teaching tool for home, school or church.

We can see this book being used heavily as a home school or Christian school text—or the basis for Sunday school lessons.

The summary on the back of the book reads:

Readers of all ages will take a thrilling ride in a time machine to the past when dinosaurs lived—a ride not through millions of years, but to a time not so long ago.

Artwork Preview


Click image to enlarge.

Filled with stunning artwork, this fun family book will transport you on a breathtaking journey through the “Time-Gate” of the Bible, the true History of the Universe!

This captivating adventure by popular writer Ken Ham projects you back to the Garden of Eden and to the real world inhabited by dinosaurs—and to the exciting days of Noah’s Flood and the Tower of Babel. You’ll be there watching . . . traveling through the centuries…learning the true history of the Earth, and along the way discovering the very meaning and purpose of life!

“Join us on this journey to the very beginning of time, when dinosaurs roamed Eden.”

With the movie “Jurassic Park III” just around the corner, what a wonderful time to order this God-honoring publication and not only teach children the truth about dinosaurs and the history of the world, but teach them the Gospel message based in true history.

It is our prayer that many will be saved as a result of this new publication that stands on the authority of the Word of God.


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