Lord of the Ringmasters


The latest book by England’s Richard Dawkins, a virulent evolutionist and atheist, is The Greatest Show on Earth. Although the title suggests that evolution has managed to stage a spectacular biological show on our planet, the book is just another diatribe against opponents of evolution. A clear example is a passage equating creationists with Holocaust deniers.

Richard Dawkins

In his new anti-creationist book, The Greatest Show on Earth, atheist Richard Dawkins slips into religious language in his own hymn of praise for evolution.

Dawkins also insinuates that creationists are “a baying pack of ignoramuses” (p. 3), though he knows full well that creationists are as educated as evolutionists, including several hundred PhD scientists. The issue is not ignorance or who has the best evidence (after all, we have the same evidence), but how the evidence is interpreted.

The Holocaust, for example, is well documented by photographic evidence and firsthand testimonies. Creation is also well documented—in what has proven to be the most trustworthy eyewitness testimony on the planet, the Bible—whereas evolution is a belief system with no eyewitness documentation.

“Evolution is within us, around us, between us.”

The key is whether you choose to trust God’s Word or accept an undocumented and unprovable belief in molecules-to-man evolution.

Dawkins is widely recognized as the modern “high priest” of evolution, and this new book reveals his own pseudoreligious beliefs: “Evolution is within us, around us, between us” (p. 18).

Such comments leave no doubt about who wants to be the evolutionary ringmaster.

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January – March 2010

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