Ancient Civilizations & the Bible


World history, based on God’s Word, comes alive like never before. Answers in Genesis has teamed up with Diana Waring—one of the most recognized names in homeschooling—to publish this new and exciting history curriculum that begins at the beginning.

Through hundreds of intriguing pages and hours of lively audio teaching by Waring, students explore the first 4,000 years of world history—from Creation to Christ—covering all the major events, civilizations, and personalities. This is the first of a three-volume set.

What Sets This Curriculum Apart?

Ancient Civilizations and the Bible helps students discover and enjoy history from a solidly biblical perspective. It shows that God has left His fingerprints throughout time. In fact, He has been intimately and powerfully directing the lives of individuals and nations to fulfill His ultimate purpose for mankind.

In this curriculum—known for turning dutiful history students into excited history lovers—students explore the past in a way that makes the most of their natural interests. Because God has created different types of learners, each lesson is broken into four distinct phases to engage each student’s instinctive love of learning.

In Phase 1, the student reads the unit overview and is encouraged to listen to intriguing stories told by Waring on the audio CDs True Tales and What in the World’s Going on Here?

Phase 2 focuses on exploration and discovery. The student researches a topic of his or her choosing, learns new vocabulary, and constructs a timeline.

Phase 3 brings to life the geography, arts, and sciences of the period covered. It includes mapmaking, cooking, art, music, and other memorable activities.

Phase 4 encourages students to express themselves in their own unique way, whether through writing, art, music, drama, or conceptual design.

The Teacher’s Guide makes lesson preparation fast and easy. Your weekly schedule will be very flexible, full of choices, and easily adaptable to the needs of your class. This guide also provides plenty of background information to keep you one step ahead of your students.

Diana Waring’s enthusiasm and love for God’s unfolding plan overflow in every chapter and audio recording. She truly makes history come alive.

Visit to sample pages and audio of the curriculum Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.

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