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Answers in Genesis has just completed its sixth year of upholding the authority and accuracy of the Word of God. We have been so encouraged by the numerous life-changing reports!

The Two Races of Mankind!

By Ken Ham, AiG Executive Director

Acts 17:26 was used as the basis of AiG’s new book on the origin of “races” and the Biblical answer to racism, One Blood. It declares: “And He has made all nations of men of one blood to dwell on all the face of the earth.

This fascinating passage is from a sermon that Paul gave to the Greek philosophers at Mars Hill as he explained the gospel. He was showing that all people are related because we are all descendants of one man, Adam. This is why Jesus Christ became a man (of our blood), called the last Adam (I Corinthians 15:45), to die and be raised from the dead so that “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all will be made alive”(I Corinthians 15:22).

In our new book, One Blood, we explain that biologically, there is really only one race of humans—Adam’s race. But it is vital to understand that spiritually, there are really two “races” of humans. And ever since the beginning of mankind, Satan has used these two “races” to try to destroy God’s plan of salvation for man.

Because our ancestor Adam sinned, all human beings are sinners who are separated from our Holy God. But God in His mercy sent His Son to become one of us, so that He could pay the penalty for sin by dying on the cross and being raised from the dead.

Those who receive the free gift of salvation (John 3:16) are taken out of the first Adam’s “race” and placed into the last Adam’s “race.” “For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption by which we cry, Abba, Father!” (Romans 8:15).

Now what does the Bible say about these two races? “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship does righteousness have with lawlessness? And what partnership does light have with darkness?” (II Corinthians 6:14).

God’s Word warns that these two “races” should not intermarry. The family, formed as a result of marriage, is the first and most fundamental of all human institutions. God uses the family to transmit His knowledge from one generation to the next, and to the world around. That’s why in Malachi 2:15 the prophet makes it clear that one of the primary importances of marriages is to produce godly offspring.

Satan knows that one way to stop the transmission of God's Word from one generation to the next is to destroy the family. This is why the Israelites were warned over and over again not to intermarry with the pagan cultures around them—this would destroy the family (I Kings 11:2).

Unscriptural Unions

In the book of Numbers, we read the account of how Balak tried to get Balaam to curse the Israelites. However, God would not allow Balaam to do this. But further on, in Numbers 31 we read: "Behold, these caused the sons of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit sin against the LORD in the matter of Peor, and the plague was on the congregation of the LORD" (Numbers 31:16).

And what was the counsel of Balaam that caused God to judge the Israelites? We read in Numbers 25 that the Israelites committed whoredom with the Moabites and Midianites. Balaam obviously counseled the enemies of Israel to get the pagan women to join with the Israelite men.

Sadly, time and time again the Israelites married those from pagan cultures and adopted their idols and customs. This then destroyed the family, and led to generations who knew not the Lord.

This should be a real warning for us today. Unfortunately, I often find people in the Church who are more concerned that their child not marry someone from what they believe is a different “race” biologically (in the sense of someone with different so-called “racial characteristics” such as eye shape, skin color, etc.), than whether their child’s mate is from the same “race” spiritually, as the Bible commands.

Christians need to understand what the Bible teaches about “race” and not build their thinking on prejudices and false ideas often influenced by evolutionary teaching (and its inherently racist philosophy).

Ken Ham

Editor’s note: For more information on this fascinating and timely topic, go to Get Answers: Racism.

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1999: Great Things He Has Done!

Answers in Genesis has just completed its sixth year of upholding the authority and accuracy of the Word of God. We have been so encouraged by the numerous life-changing reports!

Last year:

  • over 18,000 children with the truths of Genesis and the gospel message at 50 special children’s programs.
  • about 80,000 adults turned out for one of our 230 faith-building meetings (including Harvard University).
  • many more resources were produced, including our new book on racism and the origin of “races,” One Blood and, 175,000 copies of Refuting Evolution have been obtained since June, most of them distributed by our supporters to public school students and teachers.
  • visitors to our Web site jumped dramatically in 1999, including one day last month when over 44,000 “hits” were received (over 4,600 visitors logged on).

More important than the numbers above, however, are the letters, e-mails, and phone calls that come pouring into our offices from Christians renewed in their faith, and from new believers who found Christ through our outreaches!

Pray that this new millennium will see many more Christians and non-Christians reached with the truths of Genesis and the gospel! I hope you will be able to attend one of our exciting meetings in the year 2000 as well as our “creation vacations” (see the seminar schedule), and that you will bring along your skeptical friends and family.

Ken Ham
Executive Director

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It’s time for TIME to get it right!

For the past few months, TIME magazine has been incorrectly reporting on the teaching of evolution in the public schools of Kansas. In a November 22 issue of TIME, essayist Charles Krauthammer wrote a commentary on the Kansas incident that was riddled with errors.

First, the Kansas Board of Education did not “eliminate” evolution from its science curriculum. Obviously, Mr. Krauthammer did not read the approved standards. Biological evolution, for example, is expected to be known by students in grades 9-12 (p. 79).

Second, creationism has not been “injected” into Kansas schools as claimed by Mr. Krauthammer. The curriculum doesn’t even mention creation at all!

Finally, we know of no creationist group—and there are hundreds across the United States—that would believe that God fabricated “phony artifacts designed to confound human reason.” The gaps in the fossil record (we noted that Mr. Krauthammer did not bring up one specific piece of fossil evidence for macroevolution).

What really happened in Kansas was only a mild effort to de-emphasize the current intensive, one-sided indoctrination program of evolution in schools.

By the way, TIME magazine has been contacted twice by Answers in Genesis requesting a correction of its misreporting.

On the other hand, a somewhat positive article on AiG appeared last month in America’s “newspaper of record”: The New York Times. The lengthy article led off the Times’ “National Report” section. Although there were some problems with the piece, we were nevertheless happy with the national exposure. Furthermore, many other media opportunities came out of the Times' article, including an interview on the nationally broadcast “Bob Grant” radio program, and even inquiries from TV’s “60 Minutes,” “Politically Incorrect,” etc.

The article may still be on the Times’ Web site (you will be asked to register for its free “Times on the Web” news service) at As you read it, keep in mind that we don’t agree with many of the comments made.

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Creation magazine caves in!

How many magazines can you think of that have a lasting benefit far after the issue is printed?

We’re discovering that at least five people read each issue of our Creation magazine, meaning that after being read by the subscriber, it’s getting passed around in places such as the homes of friends, the reception areas in doctors’ offices, church libraries, etc.

In last summer’s Creation magazine we featured a story on Romanian geologist and world-renowned authority on caves, Dr. Emil Silvestru. As a result of featuring him in Creation magazine, he has reported back to AiG on how busy he has become:

For the last three weeks I have been involved in a series of events: guest lecturer at the Popular University in Cluj; (gave a lecture) in Sibiu on astronomy, geology, biology. I was invited the next day to a local radio station for a 2-hour live, interactive program. I was invited the next day to preach at the local Baptist church in front of five hundred people. I arrived home squeezed like a lemon! "Yesterday, the phone rang. An American arrived and wants to spend some time with me to help in creation research, so I'll be back on the road Thursday. "All of this began because of the interview published in Creation magazine, and the people in Sibiu, and Cluj saw it . . . I am astonished at the speed God has put into my life. So, given all of these, I'm still not finished with my research paper (for Answers in Genesis). God will surely grant me some time to wrap it up.
—Dr. Emil Silvestru1

The June issue’s impact continues!

In the current faith-building issue of Creation magazine, we feature fascinating articles on:

  • The Evolutionary Basis of the Holocaust!
  • Electrical Design in the Human Body!
  • Catastrophes—Which One Was the Worst?

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Delaying Tactic Forces Postponement of Trial Date

The trial date for the lawsuit against Answers in Genesis and the Boone County Fiscal Court has now been rescheduled for February 4, 2000.

In an obvious delaying tactic, the forces opposing AiG’s rezoning of land for a Creation Museum caused a postponement of the initial October 15 trial date. AiG’s opponents had the former judge recuse himself from the case for alleged potential conflict of interest—the judge once owned a parcel of land that AiG’s real estate agent examined about two years ago.

On February 4, Circuit Court Judge Douglas M. Stephens will hear the case; a ruling might be given on that day. AiG is asking its supporters worldwide to pray that the frivolous and capricious lawsuit—an actual abuse of the legal process—will be dismissed on February 4.

The Creation Museum would present a walk-through history of the world from Genesis to the present. Millions of dollars worth of displays already obtained (large dinosaur models, first-class exhibits purchased from a museum auction a year ago, etc.) will present evolution-free and Bible-honoring information. The new building will also be the eventual home to AiG’s new headquarters. Most of the 47 acres would be left in its current park-like setting.

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Creation Evangelism to Businessmen!

The truths of the book of Genesis so opened the eyes of businessmen in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area in October that 22 of them filled out commitment cards indicating that they had accepted Christ as Savior after hearing a presentation by AiG’s Ken Ham.

The organizers of the luncheon (AiG especially thanks Stu Epperson, Jr., John Fonville, and the local CBMC group for hosting this wonderful outreach) reported that this was the best-attended CBMC meeting held in recent memory. Over half of those in attendance were non-Christians, and the response, according to the hosts, was "phenomenal." Even many of the Christians in attendance admitted that they had never heard the message of the creation or the gospel presented in such an eye-opening way.

As you can tell, Answers in Genesis is more than just a creation versus evolution ministry. It upholds the authority and accuracy of the Bible from its very first verse and also preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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You’re Protected from Junk!

You have the satisfaction of knowing that when you get on our mailing list, AiG will not “sell or loan” your name to any other organization.

More than ever, our mailboxes are filled with “junk” mail and we don’t want to contribute to that! We realize that you have given your name and address to us with the understanding that we’ll be sending you our faith-building newsletters and monthly letters from Ken Ham, and nothing more.

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Another Speaker

A highly effective and dynamic communicator on the Book of Genesis is on AiG speakers’ bureau!

Carl Kerby, one of the founding board members of AiG, is available to address churches and youth groups. Based out of Chicago, Mr. Kerby can bring a powerful message on the authority and foundational importance of the Book of Genesis. Using many of Ken Ham’s overheads, Mr. Kerby has already proved himself effective in exciting people about trusting in the authority of Scripture from the very first verse. He has been exceptionally well received, across the nation and in Japan.

Ken Ham highly recommends Mr. Kerby to you for ministry, including Sunday services.

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Did you know that the comet called 55P/Tempel-Tuttle that created such a spectacular meteor shower a few weeks ago offers wonderful evidence that our universe is not billions of years old?

What we saw in the sky was the dust and debris produced by this comet that comes past us every 33 years. As this comet passes by the Sun, its surface melts and it sheds some of its content. What we saw in the sky is known as the “Leonid meteor shower.”

Here’s the comet’s significance to the book of Genesis. Because the comet becomes smaller each time it passes the Sun, it could only be losing its materials for a few thousand years. If the comet were billions of years old, it would have burned out a long time ago. Thus the comet can only be a few thousand years old!

The Bible is clear that our world indeed is only thousands of years old. The short life-span of comets is a major problem for evolutionists and for those Christians who might believe in an old universe. What we see around us in our world today supports what God has said in His Word. Isn't it thrilling that we can trust the Bible during these skeptical times?

(Taken from the Answers … with Ken Ham radio broadcast. Radio Stations carrying the program. If you have "Real Audio" on your computer, which we can help you download at no charge - the directions are on our Web site—you can listen to our Answers radio program on your computer! On our home page, just click the radio button on the top right of the page.)

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New Radio Stations!

We are happy to announce that the following stations are now carrying our Answers … with Ken Ham radio feature:

Mobile/Pensacola WBHY-FM 88.5 S-S ROS

Colorado Springs KGFT-FM 100.7 M-F ROS

Columbus WPNX-AM 1460 M-F ROS
Griffin WMVV-FM 90.7 M-F 4:30pm
Savannah WSGA-AM 1400 M-F ROS

Boise/Caldwell KBXL-FM/KSPD-AM 94.1 M-F ROS
Boise KSPD-AM 790 M-F ROS

Charleston WEIC-AM 1270 M-F ROS

Benton WTRT-FM 88.1 M-F ROS

Jonesboror KTOC-AM 920 M-F ROS

Fitchburg WFGL-AM 960 M-F 10:27am

Billings KURL-AM 730 M-F 4:23pm
Billings KMZK-AM 1240 M-F 8:53am/pm

Columbus KTLX-FM 91.9 M-F 6:45am
Norfolk KPNO-FM 90.9 M-F ROS

Manchester/Derry WDER-AM 1320 M-F 6:07am

Greenville/Snow Hill WAGO-FM 88.7 M-F 6:25pm

Jackson WJLI-FM 98.7 M-F ROS
Wauseon WYSA-FM 88.5 M-F 12:35PM

Beaufort WAGP-FM 88.7 M-F ROS

Dallas KPBC-AM 770 M-F ROS

Edinburg WOTC-FM 88.3 M-F ROS

Sturgeon/Green Bay WRGX-FM 88.5 M-F ROS

M-F = Monday - Friday
ROS = Rotating Schedule
S-S = Sunday - Saturday

Complete listing of Radio Stations carrying Answers … with Ken Ham

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Retiring with AiG

The creation of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and the popularity of 401(k) and other pension plans - combined with the stock market boom - have led to a tremendous growth in investment assets for many people. Unfortunately, upon withdrawal, there is a price to pay for this growth: income taxes! But for donors to non-profit ministries, there is a way to lessen the sting of the income tax bite!

When a person dies, money in their retirement plans (non-annuitized) can be transferred to a surviving spouse without incurring any income-tax. Withdrawals going to any other person are taxable, with the important exception that withdrawals going to nonprofit organizations are tax-free!

Since cash and all other assets are transferred income-tax free, non-spouse heirs can reduce their taxes by making the charitable bequest from the deceased donor's retirement plan instead of from the deceased's cash or other assets.

For example, suppose a donor has $300,000 in a qualified retirement plan and $100,000 cash and CDs. The donor wants $25,000 to go to AiG and everything else to the kids (assuming no surviving spouse).

If AiG is sent the $25,000 from cash, the children will have to pay income tax on the full $300,000 when withdrawn. If, however, the $25,000 goes to AiG from the retirement plan, the kids will receive the $100,000 cash and CDs income-tax free and have to pay income tax only on the remaining $275,000 in the retirement plan, not on the full $300,000. Likely, it's a $5,000-$10,000 savings!

Donating in this manner, as a part of an estate plan strategy, is an intelligent way for a donor to execute a charitable gift and leave more money to their heirs!

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Prayer Points

Please pray:

  • that a Boone County Circuit Court will rule in favor of AiG as we fight a lawsuit to stop the rezoning of land for our Creation Museum.
  • that the new administrator at the office of Answers in Genesis-United Kingdom will get up to speed in managing that growing office.
  • that the new seminar season will be a great blessing to the many people attending, and that they’ll take faith-building information back into their churches and communities.
  • that God will bless the many new projects currently under way, including new 30-minute videos from Ken Ham that could be used in Sunday school classes, TV broadcasts, Bible studies, etc. (available March/April).

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  1. This world leader in geology is being supported by Answers in Genesis, funding his salary for research work for a year. Any financial support for Dr. Silvestru’s research can be forwarded to AiG (checks made payable to AiG) and will be earmarked for this research. Dr. Silvestru was, until recently, the head scientist at the world’s first speleological institute. He has published twenty-three scientific papers, including six abroad, and we’re looking forward to contributions from him for both Creation magazine and the Technical Journal.


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