“Adopting” a New Attitude!


Ken Ham received the following letter recently from a family whose views about “mixed” marriages and adoptions were completely reversed after hearing Ken speak on the topic of “races” at a conference.

Editor’s note: Since it was released more than a year ago, AiG’s book One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism by Ken Ham has turned out to be a wonderful means that the Lord has used not only to proclaim the authority of His Word, but also to help counter the problem of racism that still exists in so many parts of Western society.

Ken Ham received the following letter recently from a family whose views about “mixed” marriages and adoptions were completely reversed after hearing Ken speak on the topic of “races” at a conference in Iowa, U.S.A., last year. Their testimony powerfully shows how a proper application of biblical principles can not only change attitudes, but also put new beliefs into action …

Dear Mr. Ham,

The purpose of this letter is to say “thank you” and to tell you of something wonderful that has happened in our family, and the part that you and your ministry played.

Last summer we heard you speak at the NICHE (home school) Conference in Iowa. My son, Benjamin, who was twelve at the time, wanted to attend your workshops. He has such a passion for creation science, so I happily agreed to take him so that my wife could attend other classes.

In one of the workshops, you addressed the issue of racism. Although I have never considered myself to be racist, I have always felt confused and unsettled about “mixed” marriages and adoptions. After hearing you speak, I could see just how worldly minded my upbringing on this issue had been (namely, some relatives and our fundamental churches) over the years. God used your workshop to clear up my confusion and misgivings! Praise Him!! All of your workshops ministered to my son and me so much that we purchased all your NICHE tapes, and then came home and ordered a couple of your books.

Wow! What a blessing these resources have been! I get so “pumped” when listening to the tapes and also when reading Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium [Now titled Why Won’t They Listen?] that I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. I have been challenged like never before to share God’s truth with nonbelievers and believers alike! I have been able to share with my relatives (who are believers but sadly untaught and unlearned in these areas) much of the information that I have learned through AiG about creation and this whole “race” issue. After one particularly good time of sharing with them, they asked to listen to the tapes to hear for themselves. We gladly obliged! Later, one of them commented that she had listened to the tape on race and was beginning to understand how wrong it is to feel differently about other people groups. Praise God!

“Adopting” a new attitude

Last fall, we started the process to try to adopt a little “Caucasian” girl who was at that time eighteen months old. “Elizabeth” is a ward of the state and currently in foster care while her mother still fights for her parental rights. This process, we have found, can take a v-e-r-y long time.

As this process went on, we made inquiries with private attorneys in our area, as well as Christian placement agencies, about other adoption possibilities, but after learning the cost of a private adoption ($10,000 to $20,000) we believed this avenue to be a closed door. We did not follow up with any of these after the initial inquiries.

But on April 18th, we received a telephone call from one of the attorneys telling us that a black baby girl had been born in the South, and was in need of a family and would we be interested. The baby, born on April 13, did not have a waiting family as is usually the case in a private adoption due to a chain of events of which we were to learn later. Although we had talked about adopting a child of “color,” once we learned the cost, we really didn’t even finish that discussion.

As we talked and prayed about the phone call that evening, your racism lecture came to my mind. I still had doubts about adopting a black child—mainly concerns as to what she would face as she grew up with white parents. I was also concerned about the reaction of our extended family. (At this point, I did not know that they had listened to the NICHE tape! God’s timing is so perfect!)

Doubts removed!

After much prayer and discussion that evening, we felt that God might be opening a door for us and our extended family. We believed that we simply needed to step out in faith and to honor and glorify Him and wait for His answer. We were asked to send a family profile and a picture so that this could be presented to the birthmother. The decision of placement rested with her, as we were not the only family interested in taking this baby girl.

Our profile and picture was over-nighted and the next day (less than 48 hours from the initial call to us) we received a call telling us that the birthmother had selected us to adopt her baby! Two weeks later we drove south to pick up our beautiful and precious baby girl, Hannah Suzanne!

It has been such a blessing to see our family fall in love with Hannah. Our relatives have become her biggest admirers. This whole process has also become an open door for them (and us) to share with others the love of Jesus which is really what it’s all about!

Adoption, not abortion

Perhaps the greatest blessing is one that we are not sharing with many people. Hannah’s birthmother originally planned to abort her, but was too far along in the pregnancy for that to be done!! We praise God for His care of this precious little one! She is a blessing beyond our wildest imagination!!!

There are so many other miracles, big and small, that occurred for this little girl to become part of our lives. We are humbled that God truly is Sovereign in all things! May He be glorified! We now have a beautiful daughter! We cannot imagine life without her!

Prayer point

We are now still hoping and praying that Elizabeth, now two years old, would be placed in our home soon or in the home of another Christian family. It will be October before any action is taken.

An exciting side note in our family is that a few days ago I asked Benjamin, now 13, what he was hoping to do when he gets older. He said that he would like to be a missionary in Washington, D.C. or work for Answers in Genesis! Ben has a great passion for creation science, particularly astronomy, and is also becoming quite knowledgeable on computers. We pray that God will use him mightily in His kingdom.

We continue to pray for you, your family, and Answers in Genesis. We hope to visit the museum once it is opened or even your current facilities. We praise God for the ministry He has raised up through you!

Love in Christ,

Iowa, USA


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