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on September 2, 2000

“Your resources and tireless devotion to getting out the truth is paying off! Keep up the Lord's work!”

Dear AIG,
Thank you for many years of blessings. I have a testimony that still makes me proud. A year ago I taught in a Christian school and decided to teach my 6th grade class how to defend their faith. I incorporated it into our earth science unit using Genesis and many of your resources, including the information gathered about Mount St. Helens. My goal was to expose the weaknesses of evolution. I decided to put their knowledge to the test by taking a field trip to Morill Hall in Lincoln, Nebraska, a very evolutionary museum located on the campus of the University of Nebraska. From the start of our tour, the guide was bombarded with questions about carbon dating and rock layers, they brought up Mount St. Helens, and the weaknesses in the fossil records. My students were so prepared that by the end of the tour our guide (who knew her evolution facts well) was exasperated and exclaimed, "look no one was there in the begining so we don't really know what happened do we." I was very proud of them because they had internalized the truth and put it into action. I consider that science unit to be the greatest achievement of the school year. Your resources and tireless devotion to getting out the truth is paying off! Keep up the Lord's work!

Davenport, TX (USA)

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