Controversial Kansas School Board Member to Run for Re-Election!


Linda Holloway has said that she will run for a second term on the State Board of Education.

Linda Holloway, who took much of the brunt of harsh criticism from evolutionary zealots last August when she and other state board members voted to mildly de-emphasize evolution teaching in Kansas public schools, has said that she will run for a second term on the State Board of Education.

Ms. Holloway, of Shawnee, candidly admitted that the evolution controversy last year (when she was the chairwoman of the board) made her wonder whether or not she should seek re-election. But as she told the Topeka-Journal newspaper, “I also got a lot of support and encouragement, and that is what made me decide.”

Ms. Holloway indicated that there are many other issues of concern to her regarding public education in Kansas, including having schools become more phonics-based and in seeking to streamline the process for accrediting schools. A former teacher in Missouri for more than 20 years, she faces at least one opponent in the August 1 Republican primary; the general election will be held November 7. Currently she is the state board’s vice chairwoman.

When she was the board chairwoman last year, she sided with some of the other board members and voted to slightly de-emphasize the teaching of evolution in the state’s public schools. Almost every reporter in America’s major media outlets, however, misreported what happened, writing that evolution had been “eliminated” or “banned” from the school curriculum. No such thing ever happened. Nevertheless, the Kansas flap became the fodder for late-night TV comics, political cartoonists, and others who engaged in highly inaccurate satire, even though evolution remains in the approved science standards (including on p. 75 where it states that students in grades 9-12 are expected to know “biological evolution”).

On a positive note, one of the board members shared with AiG the encouraging news that throughout Kansas, numerous pastors and Sunday school teachers—as a result of the controversy—have been stimulated to teach the truths of the book of Genesis to their churches and classes.


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