Bringing the Beginning to Bible Clubs


In most cases, almost everything young people learn about biology, geology, and astronomy comes from public school teachers who use curricula that reject the Bible’s record of history. And many times, the church just ignores these subjects and leaves them to school teachers.

That’s where student-led Bible clubs, usually held after school, can help. They can be ideal places to help build up Christian youth’s knowledge about origins in a safe, intimate environment at school. Here are a few ways to incorporate these missing topics into Bible clubs.

  1. Start all presentations about sin, grace, or the gospel at the beginning. Many of today’s Christian youth have little or no understanding of sin and our own personal responsibility. Starting with Creation and the Fall helps explain why we need a Redeemer.
  2. Encourage questions about difficult topics that have come up in the classroom, such as dating methods that give dates of millions of years. At times, devote entire sessions to questions and answers. If you need more structure, have everyone write down their questions ahead of time. If the club leader is not prepared to answer all these questions, invite a special speaker who has the answers.
  3. Buy plenty of literature ahead of time. You can’t cover everything, so create a small “creation library” with plenty of books, booklets, or DVDs available for loan. It’s also possible to buy bulk quantities of booklets (for pennies) for discussion on creation issues. Pass out the booklet and make it the group’s assignment to read the content for next time. (Booklets and other creation-based items are available at numerous young-earth creation websites and at some local Christian bookstores.)

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