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A Follow-Up Report on the NEA Convention

It was indeed a wonderful experience for us to participate with Answers in Genesisas we worked together to support the NEA-Creation Science Educators” Caucus in the NEA National Convention in Dallas, TX 30 June- 2 July, 2002.

The brief cool front that blew through Dallas during the convention mirrored the cool reception of the majority of the attending teachers. Many of these “open-minded teachers” were closed-minded when they viewed the banner that read in big letters, “QUESTION EVOLUTION.”

However, a small but growing percentage of teachers was most encouraging with their positive comments and their enthusiasm for the Creation Science Caucus. Almost a hundred percent of the AiG materials were distributed, including 3,000 free CD’s, critiquing the PBS series aired in September 2001, promoting evolution. Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s work in the hearts of these teachers so that the materials might have an eternal impact.

Many science teachers took the occasion to attempt to discredit the creation science position. One science teacher spent about an hour at the booth on Monday and then came back on Tuesday to report that the information we were disseminating misrepresented true evolution. When asked what evidence he used to prove that the universe is billions of years old, he replied, “Mathematics.” I asked him, “What mathematics?” He answered, “Scientific mathematics.” “WHAT scientific mathematics?” He answered, “Evolutionary scientific mathematics.” I then said, “I understand 2+2=4 mathematics, but what is ‘evolutionary scientific mathematics”?” He stood there for a moment looking at me, and then turned and walked away! He was using intimidation tactics that might work on tenth grade students, but when pressed for an answer, he showed he was bluffing. Join us in prayer that this teacher will come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and forsake his politically correct evolutionary way of thought!

Sadly, a significant number of educators, who called themselves Christians, had no real defense for their evolutionary ideas, but believed that God used millions of years of death, bloodshed, disease and suffering (i.e. evolution). It is our opinion that professing Christians who don’t believe the Bible in the Creation account of Genesis, love the approval of men, more than the approval of God (John 12:43). It says in Proverbs 29:25, “The fear of men is a trap, but he who trusts the Lord will be safe!” God says in Isaiah 48:11 that He won’t share His glory with another…evolution robs God of His glory.

That is why we believe that the ministry of AiG internationally is of great importance at this time in history. May the Lord Jesus Christ, the God of all Creation receive all the glory and honor from this strategic ministry.


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