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Darwinists at the University of Vermont have done a great service to Ben Stein by proving the point he made in the film Expelled Review.

The thesis of Expelled is that academic freedom is under threat from those who won’t allow any questioning of Darwinian dogma, even if it means firing their opponents to silence the debate.

“I am far more pro-science than the Darwinists.”

Now, Stein—who was invited to deliver the University of Vermont’s commencement address—has been effectively disinvited after an outcry from members of the university community who were “offended by Stein's views of science,” as the AP puts it. While the University of Vermont president did not request that Stein back out, Stein did so voluntarily after learning of the “deluge” of critical e-mails the president received.

“I am far more pro-science than the Darwinists,” Stein told the Burlington Free Press. “I want all scientific inquiry to happen not just what the ruling clique calls science.”

The incident proves Stein’s point so perfectly that it almost seems staged, though we don’t believe it is—we know firsthand that there are plenty of Darwinists out there who want to silence every criticism of Darwinism, even on private property (e.g., with our Creation Museum). By the way, if you haven’t yet seen Expelled or would like to watch it again (and again), it’s available from our Answers Bookstore.

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