Contrived Connections

Science in Perspective: Evolution in the Classroom

on July 1, 2016
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Every student in US public schools will come across illustrations like the one below. They say vertebrates have similar (“homologous”) bone structures because they evolved from a “common ancestor.”

There’s just one problem. An artist drew the branching lines that connect an extinct fish to modern vertebrates. It’s an assumption, not an observation. Any time you see a “proof” of evolution, stop to separate the facts from assumptions. Then consider the biblical alternative.

Fact: Some species share common structures. Why? One Creator God designed every kind of creature. Their similarity points to the work of one common Designer, who could design many different structures from common parts.

Textbook Page

Biology by Miller and Levine (Pearson), 2014. This page is from the current high-school biology textbook published by Pearson, one of the three leading textbook publishers in the United States.

Identify the Facts: Similarity

Textbooks mix facts with assumptions to “prove” evolution. It is correct that living vertebrates have similar (“homologous”) bone structures.

Beware the Assumptions: A Common Ancestor

No scientist observed a common ancestor producing modern vertebrates. The connecting green lines are assumptions, contrary to the Bible.

Seek the Biblical Alternative: A Common Designer

The Bible teaches that God created every kind of land animal in a single day. Common design points to a common Designer.

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