More Archaeological Discoveries and Views from Mount Ararat

on March 29, 2007

The following pictures were taken by Dr. John Morris, president of the Institute for Creation Research, during one of his many trips to Mount Ararat. This is the first time that many of these photos have been published.

Mt. Ararat from the south

Greater Mount Ararat from the south. The peek is 17,000 feet in elevation, while the village of Dogubeyazit is 5,000 feet.

Pre-cuneiform inscription

Pre-cuneiform inscription on a rock near the ancient altar.

The Ahora Gorge

The Ahora Gorge, deeper than Grand Canyon, swallows climbers.

Wood adjecent to and within the Parrot Glacier

Wood was found adjacent to and within the Parrot Glacier, descending the East face of Ararat.

Pre-Hittite cave

Entrance to a tunnel behind the Pre-Hittite cave.

Ahora Gorge from 11,000 feet elevation

The Ahora Gorge from 11,000 feet elevation.

Undeciphered inscription

Undeciphered inscriptions found within the Ahora Gorge.

Mt. Ararat from the north

Mount Ararat from the north. The Ahora Gorge can be seen.

Hand-hewn cave

Hand-hewn cave, evidently a tomb dating from pre-Hittite times, carved soon after the Flood.

Kurdish girls by rock with carvings

Kurdish girls pose for a picture with a rock containing carvings of uncertain age. Numerous similar inscriptions are nearby.

Mount Ararat from the south

Mount Ararat from the south. The people of the area live quite simply.


The altar is well constructed, with steps leading up to it.


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