Fantastic Voyage: What Did the Ark Look Like?

on July 1, 2016; last featured January 7, 2018
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The Bible gives us only a few details about the Ark’s appearance, but we can make some educated guesses based on basic principles of good shipbuilding.

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Perfectly Balanced

The Ark had a very striking shape—its hull was six times longer than its width. A major 1993 scientific study found that these proportions perfectly balance the conflicting demands of stability, comfort, and strength.

This study, headed by secular engineers at a world-class ship research center in South Korea, called KRISO, compared different hull proportions. No shape significantly outperformed the 4,300-year-old biblical design. Many other proportions rendered the vessel dangerously unstable, uncomfortable, or prone to breakup.

In fact, the Ark has the same proportions as a modern cargo ship. Clearly, the Savior of the human race knew what He was doing.

Ark Dimensions

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How did Noah build the ark? This issue explains how Noah had technology to build a massive Ark and how eight people could care for so many animals.

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