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by Ken Ham on December 4, 2006

As you probably already know from reading our web articles, it's almost impossible for a creationist speaker to lecture in public schools on origins.

As you probably already know from reading our web articles, it’s almost impossible for a creationist speaker to lecture in public schools on origins. Even if a speaker agrees not to mention the Bible and to deal solely with observational science (such as in genetics, chemistry, etc.), if he is known to be a Christian/creationist, lawsuits will be threatened to cancel the event.

In fact, such a situation occurred recently with AiG speaker Mike Riddle. It was only because the superintendent of the public school system refused to be intimidated and stood his ground, that Mike’s invitation to speak was not revoked.

So what have we been doing about it? We got copies of the three major biology textbooks used in most public school systems across America. AiG’s Roger Patterson carefully went through each of them and noted every place where there’s a reference to millions of years and evolution.

Roger researched the evolutionary claims, and then read hundreds of articles and contacted experts in their fields to ensure he’d write the best rebuttals possible. Roger then compiled this research into a series of chapters and created AiG’s newest book: Evolution Exposed: Your evolution answer-book for the classroom.

Evolution Exposed

Buy Evolution Exposed from the Answers Bookstore.

Just about any public high school student will now be able to use Evolution Exposed whenever there’s a reference to millions of years/evolution in their texts. Praise God, it will give them scientific answers against evolutionary beliefs. It’s really what I would call a “survival guide” for science classes!

Virtually every chapter in the secular books we examined contains implied or explicit references to evolutionary beliefs (and are presented as irrefutable facts). With Evolution Exposed, these misrepresentations are cross-referenced with online creationist articles and publications … and the false ideas are refuted. Christian students will be equipped and inspired to (respectfully) challenge evolutionary indoctrination in class (and in interactions with fellow students).

AiG has also produced a special website that ties into the book. This site has additional information, and if the textbook publisher brings out a new edition, page numbers and other things can be changed immediately on our site. Because textbook publishers revise books only every few years, it will be relatively easy to keep our book/site up-to-date for you—and revise and expand!

Thank you for you book “Evolution Exposed”. My husband and I have purchased a carton of them and will be giving them out to the young people in our church. What a wonderful resource for them. Many of them are still in the public schools and this should be a powerful tool for them and their parents as they are constantly bombarded with the lies of evolution.

We so appreciate your ministry.

L.L., Marshfield, Wisconsin

Now … how do we get this book into the hands of students across the US? Well, because we want to disseminate this life-changing information to students who are censored from hearing it, we’re providing the books in case lots at cost!

We are praying that thousands of Christians across America will purchase case lots and give books away to as many public school students in their area as possible. What an impact this could have on the public school classrooms in this land!

I also want to tell you about another exciting outreach AiG is involved in. As well as providing answers to public school students to counter the godless evolutionary worldview, we also need to challenge and provide information to the church—especially for Christian scholars and theologians.

From what we read and hear from others, most seminaries and Bible colleges have accepted the idea of millions of years (many of those also accept Darwinian evolution). One of the ways AiG is trying to deal with this problem in the church is by hosting a booth at the annual conference of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). Many leading Christian scholars/theologians met recently. There is such a vital need to reach them with our apologetics resources. Over 2000 Christian scholars and other Christian leaders met again in November in Washington, DC.

It appears that most ETS participants are quite uninformed on the scientific arguments in defense of the literal history of Genesis and many seem not to have even carefully examined the biblical arguments for recent creation and a global Flood. There is such a vital need to reach them with creationist apologetics resources.

Also, some scholars do believe in the literal history of Genesis 1–11. But they need more information (especially on the scientific side of the issues) to teach their students with confidence and to help them defend Genesis.

For the past five years that AiG has had a booth at ETS, we have sold some materials at greatly subsidized prices (and have given away many more materials). We must reach these scholars who are training the next generation of pastors, missionaries, Bible college and seminary professors, and other Christian leaders. AiG wants to see more leaders in the church equipped to fully believe God’s Word. So this year, we gave away 1,000 DVDs (500 each of Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From? and Rocks Around the Clock) and other resources. (If you would feel led to financially support this special outreach, please designate a gift to “ETS outreach.” It will be much appreciated and a strategic investment in the work to which God has called AiG.)

As we reach out to both young people in public schools and also to the church and its leaders, these ventures do cost a lot of money. But we believe God has called us to do this (and other major outreaches, like the museum to open next year). We wish to see many, many more young lives impacted—and also leaders in the church. It would be wonderful to receive more emails from people like this man from Pennsylvania, who was exposed to AiG’s faith-building materials:

I have been born-again for 20 years. Attending a conservative Bible college in the late ’80s, I thought a firm foundation in Scripture was achieved. Looking back, my faith diminished watching the church change, and just preaching the “trust Jesus” message … [and not defending the faith] by answering tough questions about Cain’s wife, dinosaurs, etc.

I recently discovered your ministry. I feel like a new-born babe in Christ. To say that my faith has been increased would be an understatement. Using your materials along with the Bible, I can witness effectively. Thank you for persevering.

Each summer, just about every ministry sees a drop in giving. Here, though, things were quite different. Praise God—His people were very generous. But how they gave presented a challenge … you see, for the fiscal year that ended in June, giving to the Creation Museum was 60% higher than budgeted/expected! Fantastic! But our general fund to support core ministries (website, radio, free seminars, translations, etc.) lagged.

Why? Among other things, it appears that many generous gifts that came from our supporters were being earmarked for the museum, not to the general fund. I’m asking you to send a special gift to support core ministries, so that creation/gospel outreaches will continue to have an impact—without interruption.

I trust our website has been a blessing to you. Perhaps you’re now considering a way to express your appreciation for the 6,000 web articles that are there for you to freely use. A gift of any size would be greatly appreciated at this time. And, as always, your prayer support is needed and appreciated.

If you are able to send a gift, please pray over your contribution. Ask God to mightily use your gift for creation-gospel teaching that will see lives changed for Him. I hope you have seen that our new, creative initiatives to reach public schools students—plus a constantly updated website for students to use—have tremendous potential to influence the culture with biblical truth!


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