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Did you know that another Christian leader has come out against a literal, straight-forwarding reading of the book of Genesis?

Influential TV host John Ankerberg is aggressively promoting the compromise view called “progressive creationism” (big bang; billions of years; death before sin; local flood). He described guest Dr Hugh Ross, the leading progressive creationist, as holding to the “inerrancy of Scripture without compromise [emphasis his].”

The very month AiG launched our Operation: Refuting Compromise, Ankerberg wrote a letter to his supporters to announce that his views on Genesis would be broadcast on a new series of TV programs (his website says that the nationally televised show has 99 million potential viewers).

Sadly, his letter and TV programs promote many of the claims of Hugh Ross and other “progressive creationists’—false, anti-biblical beliefs. Progressive creationists are “unlocking a door” that undermines biblical authority. (Rather than fully dealing with these wrong ideas here, see our just-released Refuting Compromise book.)

As I have always pointed out, the bottom line issue for us is promoting “biblical authority” in all areas. The ultimate reason biblical authority has been progressively lost from our culture is that the church (and many of its leaders) has caved in to secular evolutionary ideas (like the big bang, billions of years, etc.).

I want you to know that I’m not attacking Brother Ankerberg and those from Reasons to Believe personally. But I want to be very upfront with you as to what they are teaching, for it’s their material that AiG’s Operation: Refuting Compromise is aimed at—for the sake of helping to restore biblical authority in the culture.

Ankerberg implies that his position on billions of years and the big bang will help lead people to Christ, whereas groups like AiG are a stumbling-block:

“Some non-Christians … are being driven away [emphasis his] from considering the supernatural God of the Bible by Christians who say the only true biblical interpretation is a 24-hour day in the account of creation.”

Well, there it is. TV minister and Christian leader John Ankerberg has laid it on the line as to what he believes (and is heavily promoting) to the world. AiG has laid it on the line as to what we believe, and that we consider positions like that of Ankerberg (and Hugh Ross) as terribly destructive to biblical authority.

I trust this will burden you to pray even more for AiG. And to support it financially. I know that you join me in wanting to unashamedly stand on the authority of God’s infallible Word, and wish to see man’s fallible word to be placed under the authority of the Word—not the other way around.

This has been a heavy letter, and difficult to write, but so necessary as we see a loss of biblical authority in the church and culture.

But here’s an encouraging note about AiG’s website. It’s an excerpt of an email—typical of many we receive—which demonstrates that the AiG ministry doesn’t cause people to be “driven away” from the Bible, as per Ankerberg:

“Without [the AiG ministry], I probably would not be saved today. When I was little … my family couldn't answer me when I asked where ‘Mrs Cain’ came from, or how all the animals fit on the ark. … They told me to ‘just believe.’

“In school, we learned about the big bang and the evolutionary theory. My teachers” answers made sense. So I learned that the Bible wasn’t true. I gradually began to become more of an agnostic.

“[But browsing AiG’s website] I was surprised to find the answers to the questions I had been asking … . I didn’t get saved right then and there, but … the objections were crumbling … . I found myself with no excuse not to believe.

“A few months later, I became a Christian.God has used your ministry to affect so many lives, mine among them. Thank you.’—Lita C., Kansas

As God has blessed, people are getting saved! Non-Christians are being challenged with the powerful creation/gospel message, and Christian leaders (and all believers) are being equipped to uphold the authority of the Bible.

Your gift will confront a compromising church and an anti-Christian culture. In addition to the funding needed for the Creation Museum, please remember our much-needed general fund, which makes possible our free website, radio broadcasts, free conferences and other Bible-proclaiming, evangelistic outreaches.

God has called us to refute and confront compromise in His church. False views of Genesis have unlocked a dangerous door regarding the authority of the Bible. Thank you for partnering with us to confront today’s church and world.


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