Operation: Refuting Compromise

AiG has something really challenging in store for 2004!

by Ken Ham on January 1, 2004
Featured in Answers Update

Our theme for 2004 will be ‘Operation: Refuting Compromise.’

Why? As I look back on ten years of AiG’s ministry here in America, I have been struck by a few things—in fact, terrible trends that AiG is tackling head on.

As we see the continuing loss of Christian morality and the Christian worldview in this culture, more and more of God’s people (as a result of ministries like AiG) are now understanding that a major contributing factor to this terrible slide lies with churches and church leaders who have been misled into major compromise.

Even though America has been (and still is) a Christian nation, with the largest number of Christian resources in the world (colleges, seminaries, bookstores, radio/TV stations, etc.), this country is becoming more and more anti-Christian every day.

While this has been going on, the majority of Christian leaders (pastors, elders, seminary professors, etc.) have not taken a stand on six literal days of creation, but have allowed for millions of years of history before man ever appeared on the earth. They have ‘unlocked a door’: to allow for man to be in authority over God’s Word, and thus to undermine the Bible as our absolute authority.

As a result, the culture as a whole has lost biblical authority—it has made man’s word the authority.

As part of AiG’s mission, and as we enter our eleventh year of US ministry, we are inaugurating “Operation: Refuting Compromise” as a major thrust for 2004 to combat this sad situation. Each month, beginning in February, we will be providing God’s people with special opportunities to be armed with unique resources to challenge church leaders and institutions as never before. For example:

  • We will be releasing the most comprehensive book ever written to combat the compromise teaching of “progressive creation” (a position that allows for billions of years, big bang, local Flood, death and disease before sin, etc.) that has permeated much of the church, Christian colleges and seminaries. This will be offered at extra-special subsidized prices to enable many thousands of copies to be distributed to churches, colleges, etc.

  • AiG will provide each month, beginning in February, other special resources (also at subsidized prices) to enable God’s people to be armed with materials that can be distributed inexpensively. So look for our monthly “refuting compromise” specials.

  • We are conducting our Creation College in July this year to equip many more people to refute compromise in the church, and to help them speak and write more effectively on the relevance of Genesis. In this way, many more people will be disseminating information and thus challenging the church and culture to return to God’s authoritative Word—beginning in Genesis.

  • Special articles highlighting compromise found in Bible commentaries, Christian textbooks, college lectures, etc. will be posted on this website, to help bring awareness of the compromise problem that has to be addressed.

  • AiG will produce more PowerPoint teaching resources that will specifically help God’s people with the tools to refute compromise.
  • AiG will release a powerful book to challenge parents to raise up godly offspring with the right foundation in God’s Word.

The above are just a few of the exciting things in store for 2004 regarding our “Operation: Refuting Compromise.”

AiG believes that to carry out the mission the Lord has called us to, we must move ahead as soldiers in a battle, using the right ‘weapons’ and battle plans (Ephesians 6)—we can’t just sit back and hope all of this will happen. I believe we must take a very active part in defending the Christian faith and upholding the Word of God!

So, as well as confronting the culture as a whole, we must “refute compromise” in the church. We have discovered that as God’s people increasingly return to the authority of the Bible in vital, foundational, “big picture” areas, and are armed and equipped to “give an answer,” the effect in “salting” society and reaching the unchurched will continue to be immensely powerful.

To launch “Operation: Refuting Compromise,” we invite you to take a look at some of the creation/gospel meetings that you could hold in your area.

Join us as we confront the culture—and a compromising church—with the truths of God’s Word beginning in Genesis. In this way, you can help reclaim the culture in your community for biblical truth so that our Christian foundations (e.g. no more removals of Ten Commandments tablets) and morality can be restored.

Please get on board with this exciting opportunity to proclaim the authority of the Bible around the nation. I hope you’ll get excited and become a part of this “operation” that AiG has planned for 2004.


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