And the Winner Is . . .

Readers’ Choice for Best Feedback of 2008

on January 9, 2009
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After a close race, the readers’ choice for the best feedback of 2008 is . . .

The outpouring of responses was great, but the race was close. Before we reveal which feedback has been crowned the readers’ choice of 2008, we want to thank all of you who voted. Your astute comments and suggestions have given us great ideas for ways to continue improving our feedback responses in the year to come. Keep those ideas and suggestions coming.

After tabulating all your votes, the top five feedback articles are listed below:

TitleAuthorPercentage of the Vote
A Rock So Big . . .Bodie Hodge19%
Does the Majority Rule?A. P. Galling18%
Evidence of New Genetic Information?Dr. Georgia Purdom12%
Are We Wasting Our Time?Dr. Terry Mortenson11%
Searching for TruthRoger Patterson6%

The vote tally ended up being quite close, but congratulations to Bodie Hodge, who pulled out the victory. However, the most important aspect is—as we know he would agree—that all the answers we give on this site are intended to glorify God first and foremost.

Next week, we’ll kick off the 2009 feedback series with an answer about evolution and morality, followed by a collection of other timely topics, including a loving God and amputees. We think you’ll find a great deal to consider over the next year. Whether you’re a Christian or a skeptic, we hope that you will continue to share your thoughts, ideas, and questions.

Finally, because we received so many excellent responses, we wanted to share some of them below. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.

Critical Thinking

I like the feedback titled “A Rock So Big...” I enjoyed the question and the answer because it forces critical thinking skills, most young creationist lack or fear to use. For example, the question forced one to think, what makes a rock heavy? This thinking attacks the athiests logic and presupposition from the start. Critical thinking and logical arguements are best won with these skills, which unfortunately, many young Christians do not either know the knowledge or skills to combat these questions from their peers, thus making the athiests position stronger to the witnesses.

—T.D., U.S.

Not Wasting Time

When I bring up origins-and-the-Bible issues to Christians, what I commonly hear is that how God created the world is not that important and that I ought to focus on bringing others to Christ and living the Christian life instead of these obscure intellectual issues. Kind of like what Bethany said. The 6 numbered points in your response state concisely why the debate over Genesis 1–11 is NOT a side issue. I’m also encouraged by your words, “although I don’t do direct evangelism in the same way as I did when I was on Campus Crusade staff on American university campuses, I’m still very much involved in helping to fulfill the Great Commission,” because it lets me know that I’m not wasting my time supporting literal 6 day creationism despite what well-meaning Christians tell me (sigh).

—C.T., Canada

Many Returns

I am voting for “Feedback: Does the Majority Rule?” as the best feedback of the year. I think it answered the question very thoroughly and I like the way the response was organized with the main points numbered 1–12. I have returned to this page a couple of times already because it is so useful. It provides a quick and effective response to common and very good question.

—J.M., U.S.

To the Point

My favorite feedback was “A Rock So Big...”. This was the simplest one of all in my opinion, and to me, the ability to answer this type of question typifies the fundemental dexterity in problem-solving that defenders of Scripture need.

—K.B., U.S.

The Whole Reason

On your question on the January 2 Feed Back regarding our favorite Feed Back Article. My favorite was the one concerning “Can We Prove God Without The Bible”. It was the whole reason I was first drawn to your site and have supported Answers In Genesis every since. Because you always use the Word of God to prove you stand. To that I say “Thank God”.

—B.V., U.S.

Willing to Teach

My choice is: Literally Hurting the Gospel?

I teach adult Sunday School from time to time. I never get more rolled eyes than when I teach from the first 11 chapters of Genesis. I hear comments like: “Science has proven the earth is millions of years old.” “Its sick [to] think Adam and Eves kids married each other.” “I believe God used evolution to create the earth.” “Bible is not a science book.”

We need to have answers. How can we expect revival in our lives much less in our country, if so easily dismiss what the Bible says about these things based on compromised teachings often from Christian pulpits rather than teaching what the Bible says on these things?

I use much of your material to help me, even when the topic or passages are not from the first 11 chapters of Genesis. Thank you for being a resource.

We have to be willing to teach what the Bible says, with counter-answers to what the world is teaching, starting with Genesis 1:1.

—O.C., U.S.


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