Logical Fallacies Series

Logic can be a valuable tool for Christians to defend their faith. But mistakes in reasoning can derail even the best argument.

  • Jan. 14, 2023

    We will close out the logical fallacy series with two of the most common fallacies that occur in arguments about origins.

  • Straw-Man Fallacy
    Sept. 28, 2009

    This occurs when a person misrepresents an opponent’s position and then proceeds to refute that misrepresentation rather than what the opponent actually claims.

  • Faulty Appeal to Authority
    Sept. 21, 2009

    Essentially, the faulty appeal to authority is the argument that a claim is true simply because someone else believes it.

  • Ad Hominem
    Sept. 14, 2009

    The ad hominmen fallacy is so named because it directs an argument against the person making a claim rather than the claim itself.

  • Bifurcation
    Sept. 7, 2009

    A person commits this fallacy when he or she claims that there are only two mutually exclusive possibilities—when, in fact, there is a third option.

  • The Complex Question
    Aug. 31, 2009

    The complex question is the interrogative form of begging the question—when the arguer attempts to persuade by asking a loaded question.

  • The Fallacy of the Question-Begging Epithet
    Aug. 24, 2009

    With the question-begging epithet, the arguer uses biased (often emotional) language to persuade people rather than using logic.

  • The Fallacy of Begging the Question
    Aug. 17, 2009

    This fallacy is committed when a person merely assumes what he is attempting to prove, or when the premise of an argument actually depends upon its conclusion.

  • The Fallacy of Equivocation
    Aug. 10, 2009

    Most words have more than one meaning, but only one of these meanings will properly fit the given context.

  • The Fallacy of Reification
    Aug. 3, 2009

    Reification is attributing a concrete characteristic to something that is abstract.

  • Introduction
    July 27, 2009

    Logic is a very valuable tool, particularly for the Christian who wants to defend his or her faith better.


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