Importance of the Resurrection

Overstating the importance of the Resurrection is impossible. It conclusively demonstrated Christ’s power over the grave, secured our hope of eternal life, and proved that He truly was and is the Son of God.

Some Alternate Explanations to the Resurrection—Aliens?

Christians can take comfort in knowing that Jesus not only died for their sins, but He also rose from the dead a few days later. These core Christian truths have been attacked for centuries by leading critics and skeptics. But even their best explanations pose no threat to the truth.

Genesis and the Resurrection

If we re-interpret God’s Word in Genesis to fit man’s fallible opinion, then ultimately, it would only be consistent to apply this same hermeneutic (method of interpretation) elsewhere — even to Christ’s Resurrection

The Post-Resurrection Appearances

Like a good reporter piecing together a story from reliable eyewitnesses, we must examine all the eyewitness accounts recorded in God’s Word, realize that for Scripture to be reliable they must all be true, and then see how they fit together. These accounts tell us about the most important truth in the history of the world.

Articles About Resurrection


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