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The idea of human evolution may be a thing of the past, according to leading geneticist and evolutionist Prof. Steve Jones of University College London. He says that human evolution is slowing and may stop, in part because most males are no longer having children in older age.*

His reasoning is that the offspring of older fathers suffer more mutations, which evolutionists believe are a crucial engine of evolution. As the number of older fathers drops in western nations, the rate of mutation is dropping, too, thus slowing the process of human evolution.

In actuality, no one has ever observed humans evolving, so these claims are merely based on assumptions. Genesis 1 reveals that humans have always been human, created separately from apes and all other creatures.

Genesis 5 and 11 reveal other insights about human origins. The first men lived for hundreds of years and fathered many children, without evolving. All humans are also “one blood” (Acts 17:26), and they always have been.

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