Glorious Season

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Fall is a glorious season, especially for an Illinois boy like me!

My bride and I were transplanted to the hot Southwest USA just long enough to appreciate our return to a state where a light jacket is actually required for an evening walk, bumpy hayrack rides are followed by a bonfire and hot apple cider, and a shared blanket is something you sit under—not on—during Friday night football games.

Even with all the wonderful memories of my favorite season of the year, there were plenty of stresses, too. October visits to the local Wal-Mart revealed a plethora of monster masks and superhero suits, all of which launched months of marriage-testing quandaries: “How should we handle Halloween?” “Where do we go for Thanksgiving dinner?” “Do we buy Christmas presents or snow tires?” “Will great Aunt Anna cry again during Christmas dinner, or will the Alzheimer’s make her forget Uncle Phil altogether?”

Believe it or not, how we choose to handle these sorts of situations can have a huge impact on how those we influence choose to view our Creator God.

The wide variety of articles included in this issue of Answers address questions of the heart as well as quandaries of the mind. And the pull-out mini-magazine (Kids Answers) includes a huge panoramic poster designed to teach kids the true biblical account of Jesus’ birth and help them discern fact from fable.

Friend, although fall is a beautiful time of year, we must never forget that we live in a world that is still groaning from Adam’s fall. His sin introduced death and suffering into the world. All of creation awaits the restoration that is only possible because the Creator, Jesus, came as a baby, lived a sinless life, and took our punishment on the Cross.

There’s a lot of confusion at this time of year. But there are answers. Let’s be prepared to offer them!

All for Him,

Dale Mason
Publisher/Executive Editor

Dale Mason has been involved in “creation apologetics” since 10th grade. “I got my biology teacher’s permission to show a dinosaur film, but failed to mention that it included evidences against evolution. To put it mildly ... he wasn’t happy.” That was in 1977.

Answers Magazine

October – December 2006


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