Ancient Supercontinent

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Every student in US public schools will likely come across illustrations like the one below. They claim the earth’s tectonic plates have been moving slowly for millions of years and were once joined together.

We need to start carefully with the Bible and avoid mistaken assumptions. The Bible implies that God created a single supercontinent when He separated the waters from the dry land. But it’s a mistake to assume the earth is made of plates that have always been moving slowly like they do today.

The Bible says the Flood began when the fountains of the deep broke open (Genesis 7:11). This geologic event likely broke up the original supercontinent and set the pieces moving rapidly. Experiments show that mantle rocks, under the right stress, can flow like fluid. It didn’t take millions of years.

Textbook Page

Biology by Alton Biggs (McGraw-Hill), 2017

This page is from the current high-school biology textbook published by McGraw-Hill, one of the three leading textbook publishers in the United States.

Beware the “Millions of Years” Claims

Beware when textbooks claim events happened “millions of years ago” (mya). No humans were present to record these events. God’s infallible Word gives us the earth’s correct age—around 6,000 years.

Identify the Mistaken Assumptions: Slow Processes in the Past

Public-school textbooks assume that present slow processes have always been at work. But they overlook a unique catastrophic event recorded in God’s Word—the Flood of Noah’s day.

Seek the Biblical Perspective: Rapid Plate Movements

The Bible says the Flood began when the fountains of the deep broke open. Experiments show that mantle rocks, under such stress, would become a billion times more fluid than today, enabling the earth’s plates to move rapidly.

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January–February 2017

Secular scientists claim it’s easy to disprove the Bible’s 6,000-year history: just count the tree rings. But this dating method is not as reliable as you might think.

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