Answers Magazine Preview: Vol. 9, No. 3

by Rebekah Bourg on July 6, 2014
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The July 2014 issue of Answers is on its way! Get ready to explore some of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

From the sandstone arches of Utah to the “Cotton Castle” in Turkey, God has provided monumental reminders of Noah’s Flood. You’ll be able to tell others about the rapid formation of opals, the fastest plant in creation, a fish with natural antifreeze, and the incredible migrations of various types of birds. Discover archaeological findings that support the biblical account of Joshua’s conquest of Canaan and be encouraged by the reliability of God’s Word.

Cotton Castle

badahos |

These beautiful white pools in Turkey are not manmade but natural products of mineral-rich water flowing down from hot springs. High rains and residual heat after the flood allowed the white stone to form more rapidly than today.

“Mysterious Natural Wonders—What Park Rangers Won’t Tell You” by Andrew Snelling

A stone arch that is 1,200 feet tall (one of many arches worldwide); huge, free-standing granite boulders; thousands of tightly fitted basalt columns; formations of colorful, stone hoodoos hundreds of feet high; a “castle” of white stone terraces that form pools of mineral-rich water—how did all this happen? Believe it or not, it didn’t take millions of years. These monuments to God’s creativity in our fallen world are simply stunning.

“Rapid Opals in the Outback” by Andrew Snelling

Not all monuments are large. Consider opals—the Australian Outback holds a treasure trove of these precious stones. Rather than supporting evolution’s millions of years, these beautiful gems point to the special conditions of the Flood that formed them within mere weeks, or at the most, a few years—not millions of years.

While some people are digging up evidence of God’s judgment and mercy in the Outback, others are in Israel finding exciting proof that the history recorded in His Word is trustworthy.

“Archaeology’s Lost Conquest” by Henry B. Smith Jr.

When archaeologists began digging in Israel, they expected to find widespread evidence of destruction and cultural upheaval to mark Israel’s conquest of Canaan. When their findings didn’t match their expectations, they threw out the Bible instead of reevaluating their assumptions. But closer attention to what Scripture actually says reveals that the archaeological evidence lines up perfectly with the Biblical account.

God, who led the Israelites into Canaan, still leads His creation in many wonderful ways that we sometimes take for granted. But take a closer look. You’ll be amazed at His work.

“Birds’ Flawless Flight Plan” by Donna O’Daniel

Who needs a map? There are no arguments or asking for directions in the flock when, twice a year, birds take to the skies in search of new grounds for feeding and nesting. Amazingly, they don’t even need a flight plan to know precisely when to leave or how to get there because God has hardwired it into them.

But it’s not just long flights that show God’s genius. Stationary life is sometimes the fastest to proclaim His creativity.

Bird Migration

RCKeller |

“Fastest Trap in the West” by Ron Dudek

Far from a common plant, the bladderwort is a marvel of miniature design. With mind boggling precision, this plant adds a little something to its diet by attracting and catching tiny creatures in an inescapable trap.

The bladderwort grows all over, except in the extreme cold of the Poles, but even there God is not without a witness.


Doug Allan | Nature Picture Library

“Icefish–Cozy Below Freezing” by Heather Brinson Bruce

Warm weather may sound comfy to us, but the icefish prefers the frigid Arctic. Thanks to a unique property of its blood that works like antifreeze, the icefish can not only live but thrive in subzero waters.

God designed the icefish to be cold, but it seems many people need “spiritual antifreeze” to thaw hearts that are cold toward the Creator they refuse to acknowledge.

“Dawkins’s Doubts” by Ken Ham

Is this life all there is? Do we cease to exist after death? How can we be sure? If God doesn’t exist, does it even matter what we believe? These are some of the questions atheists must answer. But are there any true atheists? Consider the most famous modern atheist, Richard Dawkins, and what the Bible says about people who deny God’s existence.

People may claim there is no God, but evidence of His existence is as easy to find as the most common household pet.

“Suite Dogs” by Tom Hennigan

Airedale terriers, beagles, chow chows, dachshunds, and more all fit into the category of Canis lupus familiaris, commonly known as “dogs.” They come in an incredible variety of characteristic suites: complimentary appearances, personalities, and behaviors. Chance and lots of time cannot produce these suites of traits, just right for specific needs. It’s almost as if God designed “man’s best friend” to serve as our companions! Wow, that sounds familiar.


And there’s more. You’ll see firsthand how two eyes are better than one (and be able to test that statement), learn why “junk” DNA should not be thrown in the trash, find strategies for living for Christ in America’s increasingly secular culture, and much more. Also enjoy the stunning creation photo poster at the back, and the Kids Answers foldout section, in the middle of each magazine. Subscribe online today and receive a year or more of encouraging, information-filled Answers. Plus you’ll get as many as three free video downloads. We want you to be wowed with your Creator.


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