Living Fossils: Busycon Contrarium

Originally published in Creation 17, no 4 (September 1995): 6.

Most of the public are unaware that there are literally thousands of different types of animals and plants which are alive and essentially unchanged from the way they appear as fossils. Such facts make it difficult to believe that these forms were separated by those imagined millions of evolutionary years.

Here is another example, courtesy of Dr Joachim Scheven, who oversees the world's largest collection of living fossils in his faith-funded creation museum LEBENDIGE VORWELT at Unterm Hagen 22, D-58119 Hagen, Germany.

Modern Busycon contrarium
Fossil of Busycon contrarium

The fossil Busycon contrarium in the right picture comes from Pliocene rock (alleged evolutionary age of 5.3-1.6 million years ago) at Sarasota, Florida, in the United States. Yet a modern Busycon contrarium, also found in Florida, shows that absolutely no evolution has taken place.

The overwhelming message of the fossil record is one of staying the same, not evolving. Of course, many types have gone extinct, and so are not found living. These types also show no sign of real evolution throughout their 'stay' in the record.


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