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If God is loving and all-powerful, why did He let my loved one die? Will God punish me for my abortion? How can I deal with my husband’s infidelity? The world is full of hurting people who wrestle with searing questions. They may smile at church or work, but they struggle along in a hidden world of pain. You can help them!

The Embrace women’s conference of 2015, recorded on six DVDs, equips women to embrace the hurting and provide solid, compassionate answers from the Bible.

One out of every three women will have had an abortion by age 45. Many of these ladies now sit in our church pews. Camille Cates of Healing Hearts Ministries reveals her experience as a youth minister’s wife who carried the burdensome secret of a past abortion. Doubts, shame, and fear plagued her and eroded her marriage until she found the answers in God’s Word.

Camille encourages Christians to choose words carefully when talking about these sins. Realize a listener could very well have had an abortion. She could be hurting in silence, in need of true answers and healing, but turn away because of our flippant condemnation. Camille also warns against catchphrases common in church circles today, like the popular counsel to “forgive yourself.” Many Scriptures speak of forgiveness, but none says to forgive yourself. You cannot save yourself.

Embrace also offers a firsthand look into the spiritual struggles of homosexuals. How does one go from a normal childhood to a lesbian lifestyle to conversion to Christ, eventually becoming a pastor’s wife? Dr. Rosaria Butterfield lived this rollercoaster life and takes the audience through her ups and downs.

Her story may shock you—but in an unexpected way. She shows that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders (LGBT) are usually warm, hospitable people. When she belonged to that group, she sought worthwhile goals like fighting illiteracy, poverty, and animal cruelty. She says that homosexuals have the same basic need as the rest of us, to be saved by knowing Christ personally.

The people who were most instrumental in helping her understand the gospel did not invite her to church or use friendship merely as a tool to evangelize her; they simply befriended her. They cared about who she was and used the Bible to deepen the discussion rather than end it. Rosaria backs up her bold statements with her own testimony and Scripture.

Other speakers in the Embrace DVD series offer practical, biblical insight on how to help the hurting and the lost in all walks of life. What do you say (and not say) to someone who has a child with disabilities? Why does God let terrible things happen to “good” people? How does a woman overcome sexual sin in her marriage? Discussion guides accompany each video, making this set perfect for women’s Bible study, as well as personal edification.

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April–June 2016

How well do you know the views of modern creationists? Test your knowledge and then discover how Christians can effectively share the gospel with homosexuals.

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