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If you thought “birdbrain” was harsh enough, you may not want to read what evolutionists are now calling modern humans: worm-brains! Okay, not quite; rather, researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Germany have made “overwhelming” discoveries that, according to the researchers, show that worm nervous systems and the human brain are distant cousins:

“Our findings were overwhelming,” says study team member Alexandru Denes. “The molecular anatomy of the developing [central nervous system] turned out to be virtually the same in vertebrates [such as humans] and [Platynereis dumerilii, the worm the team studied].”

So, after finding that the developmental anatomy of the nervous structures was similar, how did the researchers induce that the two were evolutionarily related?

“Such a complex arrangement could not have been invented twice throughout evolution, it must be the same system,” said Gáspár Jékely, another team member. “It looks like Platynereis and vertebrates have inherited the organization of their [central nervous systems] from their remote common ancestors.”

In other words, the scientists recognize that such a complex system could not have evolved on two separate occasions, and since they already accept evolution, they merely conclude that the two central nervous systems must be related-even though the study’s results “leave a nagging question: How did the central nervous systems get flipped from belly to backside or vice-versa?” This is just one illogical leap of faith evolutionists must take: accepting that two similar, yet fundamentally different, biological features are related-merely because they could not have evolved separately. The alternative, of course, is that these disparate features were designed by a Creator, who is free to inject similarity even in starkly different forms of life.

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