The Early Bird Catches the Dinosaur
Some scientists believe the supposed “proto-feathers” are really just collagen fibers

The Early Bird Catches the Dinosaur

<em>Eoconfuciusornis zhengi</em>

The extremely well-preserved specimen (above) of a dinosaur-era bird (Eoconfuciusornis zhengi) found in China

The number of birds discovered with dinosaurs has just increased. Scientists in China have discovered a new species of fossil bird with modern-looking wings, Eoconfuciusornis zhengi, buried in the same sediments where dinosaurs are found. The only bird found in lower sediments is Archaeopteryx, but both of these birds are believed to have lived with dinosaurs.

These findings are challenging for evolutionists, who are trying to explain how modern birds evolved from dinosaurs. For creationists, in contrast, it’s exciting to see the variety of birds that God put in the same environment as dinosaurs.

National Geographic News, “Dino-Era Bird Fossil Found: One of Oldest Known,” May 6, 2008.

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