Just a Game?

on January 1, 2009
Featured in Answers Magazine

A meteorite crashes into the planet. A single-celled amoeba emerges from the ocean, a tail grows, and the creature begins to swim. Moving onto dry land, the life-form tries out its new legs. You’ve now entered one of the wacky worlds created by Spore, the “most eagerly anticipated” video game in years, according to The New York Times.1

Game designer Will Wright told the Times that he wanted Spore to “convey the sense that evolution can bring up a surprising diversity of weird, interesting, strange things.”

So does Spore simulate the idea known as naturalistic evolution? While many evolutionary scientists praise Spore, some express concerns, saying “the mechanism [of evolution] is severely messed up.” The game does not recreate the randomness of evolution. Instead, the bursts of so-called evolution actually put the gamer in the “role of an intelligent designer,” according to Wright.2

Christians—whether parents or children—need to use discernment in every choice they make, whether in education or entertainment. No one should kid themselves that the origins controversy is as simple—or as meaningless—as a fantasy video game. And aren’t there better things to do with our money?

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