Adopting Disastrous Change

by Ken Ham on March 4, 2020
Featured in Letter from Ken

In many ways, change is inevitable. But there is a disastrous change happening—yet many in the church seem to be adopting it.

At AiG, our staff loves to be on the cutting edge of change. For instance, we are upgrading our Creation Museum planetarium from older technology to a state-of-the-art laser projection system. (The original technology from 13 years ago was outdated and failing.) The new technology will help us impact even more people with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

This is a change we need to embrace.

Also, at the Creation Museum, we recently rebuilt one-third of the exhibits to make them more impactful and targeted to the changing worldview of contemporary culture.

This is another type of change we need to embrace.

This idea is used to explain how the church needs to reclaim the foundations of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis.

Now the last exhibit in this massive, outstanding upgrade is an exhibit based on my book The Lie. It outlines the major message of AiG on the relevance of Genesis. Our talented design team came up with the idea of building this exhibit as if it’s an old industrial building in which an artist has taken up residence and is reclaiming it. This idea is used to explain how the church needs to reclaim the foundations of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis.

This exhibit confronts a change that has already occurred, but should never have happened!

Each month, our AiG Advancement staff and I try to call or write to as many of our donors as we can to personally thank them for supporting our mission. In recent times, we’ve all noticed how we are receiving common feedback comments from various supporters. The supporters’ comments are similar to what I’ve heard for many years in this ministry—and I pray will always be the case for this organization:

We love the fact that Answers in Genesis has never changed its stand on God’s Word. We see so many Christian leaders changing God’s Word to fit with cultural changes in regard to the LGBT movement, abortion, feminism, transgender, gay marriage, social justice, racism, and the many other issues permeating the culture.

AiG has always stood boldly and unashamedly on God’s Word. The ministry hasn’t changed its stand on biblical authority, and it’s one of the reasons we love to support AiG.

God’s Word has never changed . . . and never will:

Forever, O Lᴏʀᴅ, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens (Psalm 119:89 ESV).

Recent headlines demonstrate the consequence of changing God’s Word to fit the culture, such as: “United Methodist Church Announces Proposal to Split over Gay Marriage.” But as I wrote in a social media post, gay “marriage” is a symptom of a foundational problem—a problem of authority. I believe there needs to be a split in the church across all denominations over biblical authority.

Recently, the Christian Post (online) continued its ongoing agenda against the literal Genesis position of AiG by publishing another anti-AiG item: “The Evolution of a Young-Earth Creationist.” Sadly, such items are common from various Christian sources these days.

The message has always been one concerning the need to stand boldly, unashamedly, and uncompromisingly on the authority of God’s Word, beginning in the book of Genesis.

In this new decade, I thought it would be good to reiterate the main message of AiG. The message has always been one concerning the need to stand boldly, unashamedly, and uncompromisingly on the authority of God’s Word, beginning in the book of Genesis.

Sadly, much of church and Christian institutional leadership has changed God’s Word in Genesis to fit with man’s beliefs of millions of years and other evolutionary beliefs. Our research (and research by others) has shown that such change is related to why we see an exodus of the younger generations from the church.

As I was thinking about this recently, I listened to a podcast by Pastor J.D. Greear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention ( and thought I should respond. As I reviewed what I wrote, I realized that my response (which we shared with Dr. Greear before we published it) summarizes the message and mission of AiG. I hope this encourages and even reignites your passion for this ministry, one that is at the cutting edge of the spiritual war raging around us today.

So, my letter (arriving in by mail this month) is somewhat different. It includes a brochure of what I wrote in response to this podcast. It is a teaching tool to remind all of us that the war raging around us is one over authority—biblical authority. It’s why I’ve often said we need a new reformation in many of our churches, to get back to the authority of God’s Word beginning in Genesis. And we are thankful for the thousands of pastors across many denominations who still stand 100% with AiG and our understanding of biblical authority beginning in Genesis.

I unreservedly and unashamedly state that when you support AiG in prayer and with your finances, you are helping a ministry determined to continue its unchanging stand on the authority of God’s Word. That’s why I’m asking you to prayerfully consider giving generously to AiG to empower this vital ministry as we uphold Genesis and biblical authority as a “first-tier” issue.

Thanks for joining with us. Please know that you are a tremendous blessing to this ministry.


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