Bombardier Beetles and Vomiting Toads

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For most insects, getting eaten is the end—but not for the remarkable bombardier beetle. These little beetles are often discussed in creation literature because of their incredible design features, including the ability to shoot a boiling, noxious gas so they can escape predators. But, according to new research, the bombardier beetle has another trick.

Researchers in Japan fed bombardier beetles to toads to see what would happen. Well, nearly half of the toads puked up the beetles anywhere from 12 to 107 minutes after ingesting them. The hardy little beetles scurried off, apparently unharmed. It turns out that the bombardier beetle can release a nasty chemical cocktail inside the toad’s stomach (the audible “pop” of the explosion could be heard coming from inside the toad’s stomach), forcing it to vomit up their meal. The beetle is also protected by a hard shell that keeps it safe from stomach acid.

These little beetles are an incredible example of God’s careful design in creation. But they also remind us we live in a sin-cursed world where predators eat prey and prey must try to escape. It’s a beautiful world, but it’s also a broken world, and we see both on display in the bombardier beetle.

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