Library Controversy Settled in Favor of Creationist!


A federal judge has ruled that Mr. Christopher Pfeifer had his constitutional rights violated when a public library refused him permission to use one of its rooms for a talk on creation.

A federal judge has ruled that Mr. Christopher Pfeifer had his constitutional rights violated when a public library in West Allis, Wisconsin refused him permission to use one of its rooms for a talk on creation.

Last year, the library turned down his request to hold a creation science workshop in the library’s “Constitution Room”—an ironically named room considering that the library was denying Mr. Pfeifer’s constitutional right of free speech! One of Mr. Pfeifer’s attorneys, Erik Stanley of the Christian civil rights organization, Liberty Counsel, rightly remarked that the judge’s decision on April 11 “brought the Constitution back to the Constitution Room!”

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (April 11), the library had allowed many different not-for-profit organizations to use the room, with only a few exceptions (e.g., it has a policy against groups holding political meetings and religious services; Mr. Pfeifer was conducting lectures, not worship services).

A witness to public schools!

Mr. Pfeifer, who described himself to AiG as a former “staunch evolutionist,” informed us that he has only been a Christian for three years. He is already actively involved in many “creation evangelism” outreaches in Wisconsin. For example, he lives directly across the street from a public school, and he and his son are often seen passing out AiG’s booklets and witnessing cards to students leaving school at the end of the day (they are careful to stand on public sidewalks adjoining the school and not on school property). Mr. Pfeifer reports that he has had absolutely no negative feedback from the students receiving the booklets and cards.

AiG’s Bible-upholding booklets and witnessing cards can be a wonderful evangelistic outreach to public school students. Students in these schools are usually taught that evolution is fact, and thus many believe that the Bible—and its creation/gospel message—can’t be trusted.

Join Mr. Pfeiffer and engage in your own “sidewalk evangelism” to public schools! Note the special prices on our attractive and gospel-proclaiming resources when ordering in bulk.

Thrilling testimony from public school student!

Indeed, AiG is discovering that its materials—and this website—are having a great influence on public school students. We thought you would be blessed by reading an excerpt from an email that we received recently from a 14-year-old boy who attends a public school in Georgia. T. R. wrote

“I am in the ninth grade. I want to tell you how your wonderful work has had an impact on my life.

I have been a Christian most of my life, yet I was plagued with tales of evolution. I [used to] believe that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, and that they turned into birds.

Every day before and after school I get on your Web site and take notes. Everything you say is entirely convincing, not only because it agrees with the Bible, but because you have evidence to back it up. Even if evolution had ‘evidence,’ I still would not believe, because it disagrees with the Bible.

In textbooks in school, they treat evolution as fact. They should at least give creation a chance.

[On the] Web, you have answered all of my questions, and I enjoy explaining to my friends about what I have learned. Thank you for your blessing my life.”
– T.R., age 14


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