Web Visitor Welcomes New “Web Feedback” Section


S.M. shares about how beneficial the new “Web Feedback” section is.

This is terrific. I think AIG is doing wonderful things. The first two E-mail messages posted tell a lot. I noticed C.L. used upper case letters in most of his message. I understand that's the equivalent of shouting in the electonic world. Well, I've got something to shout about: C.L. NEEDS JESUS CHRIST TO BE HIS LORD AND SAVIOUR.

T.R is fortunate to have AIG and the internet to help him counter the teaching of evolution in school. I was not a Christian when I began 8th grade in 1960. So when my science teacher told me that evolution was true and that religious views would not be considered relevant, I had no reason to doubt him.

God Bless everyone at AIG, and T.R. and C.L. as well.

– S. M.


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