Bad Medicine


The rise of the creation movement in Great Britain is prompting evolutionists to increasingly partner with the media in a counteroffensive.

For example, the science correspondent for Britain’s leading newspaper The Times (of London) published a provocative article entitled “Junk Medicine: Creationism.”1

He claims that “it is impossible to understand biology, and therefore medicine, without a good grasp of evolution.”

In reality, however, research into many areas of medicine has actually been hindered by evolutionary beliefs (e.g., the removal of certain body organs carried out in the belief that they were unneeded vestiges of earlier evolutionary development). Dr. David Menton, Associate Professor Emeritus in Anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine and now a popular Answers in Genesis speaker, says, “If evolution were thrown out of consideration, it would have no negative impact in medicine—it plays no necessary role in either the teaching or practice of medicine.”

The Times’ writer, while claiming to endorse critical thinking in UK’s science classes, revealed what he really thinks about the scientific method when he stated that a critical attitude toward evolution “must be resisted.” It is a pity that most students are not being taught true natural selection, as first described by Edward Blythe. Natural selection is entirely consistent with a creationist way of interpreting the changes we see within a kind.

Answers Magazine

October – December 2006




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