Mauna Kea


High atop the mountain of Mauna Kea is the home of the world´s largest astronomical observatory where eleven different countries run telescopes. Free stargazing programs are offered at the Visitor Information Station.


Hilo, Hawaii

The mention of Hawaii brings to mind images of warm sand, tropical breezes, and palm trees—everything necessary to forget the stresses of everyday life. What many people do not know is that this favorite vacation spot is also the home of the world´s largest astronomical observatory. In fact, eleven different countries run telescopes high atop the mountain of Mauna Kea (meaning "White Mountain").

On the summit of Mauna Kea, located on the big island of Hawaii, is a cluster of telescopes, designed with the sole purpose of learning more and more about the distant universe. A trip to the summit to witness these magnificent telescopes and a visit to the Visitor Information Station where they offer free stargazing programs provide rare chances to see real scientific research in action. After a trip to the Visitor Information Station, children will be full of questions, giving parents an opportunity to explain the nature of science and its place in relation to the Bible.

Points of Interest

The Greater Light That Rules the Day

The Visitor Information Station, located at the 9,300-foot (2.8 km) level of Mauna Kea, offers a free nightly stargazing program where guests can experience some of the best viewing available in the United States.

Also available is a solar telescope properly equipped with filters so guests may safely view the sun. Thanks to this telescope, guests can finally appreciate this greater light that the Lord made to rule the day.

Mauna Kea Observatory

Twin Keck Telescopes

The twin Keck telescopes are the largest infrared and optical telescopes in the world.

Keck Telescopes

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