Saddened by University’s Stance on Creation


This week's positive feedback is from L.E. of South Carolina, USA.

This week’s positive feedback is from L.E. of South Carolina, USA. For more information on the Baylor University controversy mentioned in this email, please see “Baptist School Afraid of Creation”.

I am a graduate of Baylor University and subsequently taught chemistry and math in the public schools for 10 years. Now, as a full-time mother, I actively study creation science and offer presentations to children/youth in local churches. It is with some interest that I have followed the controversy at Baylor concerning Intelligent Design. As an alumni, I am saddened by the decisions made by this “Christian” university. In the future, when they call for donations, I’ll let them know, in no uncertain terms, that my funds will support AiG. Keep up the good work. Your ministry has been a tremendous support and blessing to me.

Ashamed to be a Baylor alumni;
Unashamed to be a full-blooded young-earth creationist,



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