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How can a busy Christian cut through secular bias to learn the biblical view of current events? Dr. Albert Mohler provides a solution through his popular daily podcast The Briefing. Dr. Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, reviews the daily news from a Christian perspective in under 30 minutes.

Mohler uses other means to communicate the biblical worldview, too. National news programs and media outlets frequently ask him for biblically based commentary, and he has written and edited scores of books on theology and culture. His latest book, We Cannot Be Silent, deals with the current moral crisis swamping the culture.

“The Christian church has a message,” says Mohler. “We know the truth because a loving God has spoken to us in His Word.”

Dr. Mohler sums up what drives a busy seminary president to devote so much extra energy to proclaiming the biblical perspective through multiple media outlets. “We are called to speak what we know to be true. This world is actually yearning for the truth. We have the power of the gospel. We have the inerrant, infallible Word of God. We have tongues with which to speak and pens with which to write. At every available opportunity, let’s say what is taught in God’s Word. Let’s make certain we are not silent. And let’s trust that God is going to use that—as only He can—to do what only He can do.”

The Briefing, like Mohler’s other theological, evangelistic, and cultural efforts, is aimed at shaping people’s worldviews—and Genesis is a driving force behind The Briefing.

“You cannot have the Christian worldview unless you get it right at the beginning,” he asserts. “The first three chapters of Genesis are absolutely essential. If we do not have Genesis 1–3, and if they are not true in space, time, and history, then we are going to get the story wrong and start the story in the wrong place.”

Mohler looks to Paul as his example to motivate his tireless efforts.

“I am very committed to this because it is analogous to what the Apostle Paul did in Acts 17 at Mars Hill,” he says. “He dove into the public conversation with intellectual credibility, evangelistic ambition, and theological clarity. Those are the three things that I really go for. We want to see people come to faith in Christ and then we want to see Christians grow in the faith. And it must have theological integrity. We want to teach what the Bible teaches. We want to think as God would have us think, as He revealed in Scripture.”

Mohler summarizes Christians’ special responsibility in a democratic culture like America’s: “We ought to be part of a public conversation—and an ongoing, regular conversation in the church—about how to think about what is going on around us from a Christian worldview. Serious worldview issues are at stake—serious theological issues are at stake every day.”

To listen to The Briefing or for articles and other information about Dr. Mohler, visit AlbertMohler.com or SermonAudio.com/Mohler.

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