“Can-Do” Attitude Accompanies Church Work Group!

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Some jobs done by AiG volunteers traveling from Tri-County Bible Church in Rensselair, Indiana.

A group of 28 parents and students from Tri-County Bible Church in Rensselaer, Indiana, USA spent their spring break in late March by traveling to Answers in Genesis in Northern Kentucky to volunteer as “missionary” workers, willing to do what was needed, and wherever it was needed. Though not necessarily trained as carpenters, construction workers, packers, electricians, or “dinosaur washers,” they tackled those very jobs with enthusiasm--and the knowledge that they were needed and could make a difference.

In one area, there were children (sporting T-shirts given them by AiG) happily packing boxes full of T-shirts. In another warehouse, some of the adults in the volunteer group prepared books, tapes, CDs, etc., for shipping.

Just next door, in another AiG warehouse (used to store many of the items that will eventually be on display in

our Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center), young people and adults cleaned and polished AiG’s large DNA display and Buddy Davis’s dinosaur models. As Kyle and Ethan Thomas, and Michelle and John Nagel scrubbed away at “Sarah,” the AiG triceratops mascot (complete with saddle for “kiddie rides’), we asked them if they ever imagined they’d be washing a dinosaur in their lifetime! “Well, it’s faster than washing a car,” came a reply from behind Sarah-- not having to wax or vacuum the inside was indeed a plus!

In the adjacent room, Donald Thomas worked on some additional signs to be placed on the museum property. He appreciated having a big work area and good power tools, as he sliced through a piece of plywood like butter. Normally a plant supervisor, he seemed to enjoy having a “break” from his everyday responsibilities. The sweet smell of cut wood filled the room.

Arriving at the museum property just before lunch, the volunteers quickly went to work. Todd Denton and Dennis Snyder were outside installing windows in the house that AiG has purchased adjacent to the museum property. The room they are working on will be the “command center” for building operations (in lieu of trailers), which will save the project tens of thousands of dollars!

Despite the cold weather, many of the group decided to stay in campers. Some stayed at nearby Big Bone Lick State Park, so named because of salt licks and mastodon bones found in that area. By the way, there are plenty of real fossils to be found on the museum property, too, and in AiG’s Tri-state area.

To make a point, we picked up a large rock, full of fossil shells, and brought it in to show the group. The lesson was well-taken: You can find evidence of the truth of the Bible and Noah’s Flood right here in our own “back yard” --fossils of former ocean life ended up here!

Back to work after lunch, the “can-do” attitude of the volunteers came out when a bulldozer was put into action, shovels were thrust into the ground, and hammers began pounding. Some big jobs were still ahead: cleaning out a shed full of scrap metal and wood and building doors for that shed; removing mounds of dirt and brush; putting in electrical wiring, and on and on.

“We want this to be an example and encouragement to other groups that wish to get involved in this fashion,” emphasized an enthused Skip Tilton, the AiG staffer helping to oversee the museum building project. “God has given everyone some sort of gift or talent that can be used to help turn the dream of this world-class, Bible-centered creation museum into reality.”

If you think you can help, and you want to help, you can help! What more profitable way to spend a vacation, break, or just a weekend, than furthering this project aimed at bringing God’s truth to the world? If you have a can-do attitude, too, we want to hear from you! Here is the contact information:

For Your Information

Answers in Genesis
P.O. Box 510
Hebron, KY 41048
Museum hotline (recorded information): extension 360
Skip Tilton, Building Project Coordinator: extension 471
Sharon Mardis, Museum Secretary: extension 472


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