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Living Under God’s Authority

We can understand why God considers sin serious. God sees rebellion for what it is—attempted anarchy against His authority and lining up with Satan. When we reject God’s authority, we have been duped into thinking we are our own authority, but we really place ourselves under the authority of Satan.

Biblical Solution for Stress

The precise biblical terms that capture the essence of society’s concept of stress include anxiety, fear, anger, despair, and guilt. Stress is the mental and emotional tension that is generated from our unbiblical responses to pressure.

Bible Sufficient for Life

The biblical counseling movement has been criticized by those who are skeptical of the sufficiency of Scripture for counseling. Secular psychology understandably views the Bible as irrelevant, but many “Christian counselors” acknowledge the Bible’s relevance yet deny its sufficiency in the way that they practically advise their counselees.

True Christians

Many people call themselves Christians, but their words and actions are grossly unchristian. Such contradictions stain the name Christian as people look and say, “That’s a Christian? Well then, I don’t want to be a Christian.”

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