Dr. Andrew Fabich: “Quit Calling This ‘Ham’s Interpretation’”

by Ken Ham on August 5, 2016
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When reading headlines and news item about our new Ark Encounter or the popular Creation Museum or something I said in my blog or on social media, I often have to shake my head. I constantly see headlines and statements such as “Ken Ham’s Crazy Ark Park,” “Ken Ham Made the Creation Museum,” “Mr. Ham’s ‘Ark Encounter,’” and “Ham Dates Noah and the Biblical Flood to 6000 Years Ago.” These media reports often act as if I built the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter by myself (now that would be quite the feat!) and that a young earth and a global Flood are solely my interpretation instead of what the Bible plainly teaches, what the church has believed for most of history, and what millions of other Christians—including many PhD scientists—believe.

I’m not the only one who has noticed the media and secularists’ tendency to “pin everything” on me. Dr. Andrew Fabich, a microbiologist and associate professor of microbiology at Truett McConnell University in Georgia, recently wrote to me about this frustrating tendency. I would like to share his thoughts with you,

With the Ark opening, there’s been a flurry of news headlines. Some are fair, but most are slanted. It’s no surprise: the media write slanted headlines. Many are even taught to do this. But there’s been a significant switch lately.

I heard it first during the Ham-Nye debate. Bill Nye [“the Science Guy” of TV fame] kept referring to biblical creation as “Ham’s interpretation,” as if the young-earth interpretation somehow belongs to Ken Ham. In an effort to pigeonhole Ken as narrow-minded, they’re revealing just how narrow-minded they are. I can only fathom the shock of most journalists if they even checked unreliable Wikipedia to learn that Ken Ham isn’t “creation’s Lone Ranger.”

If Ken’s alone in saying the earth is young, then why am I writing this blog? Because he isn’t alone! You know what? Others throughout history have said the earth is young. Even prominent scientists alive today agree with this position—and not just here in America. There are young earth creationists in other industrialized nations all around the world. In fact, a quick Wikipedia search (which isn’t always 100% accurate) even shows that the same views that Ken holds were well respected within Christendom in the past and are still respected now.

Biblical creation depends on the authority of Scripture.

You know, Christianity and biblical creation aren’t based on what Ken Ham has said, currently says, or will say. News flash: biblical creation depends on the authority of Scripture.

I’m offended by how journalists misrepresent my personal beliefs. My faith isn’t based on “thus saith Ken Ham.” What’s more is that evolutionists would be equally as appalled if we called it “Nye’s evolution!” From preschool through PhD in secular education, I’ve never been taught “Nye’s evolution.” Calling it “Ham’s interpretation” is a straw man argument used in ignorance for emotional reasons.

My point (like Ken’s and myriad others’) is that the Bible is authoritative. It’s ironic that journalists expect their readers to trust them as authorities (when they aren’t experts on the topics they report about) while holding others (like Ken who has studied the Bible and this topic for years and is using God’s Word as his authority) to a completely different standard.

The Bible is the authority. Period. I beg the media: stop calling this “Ham’s version.” Call it biblical creation. You’re marginalizing your readership. I’m not saying, “Get rid of your slant” (in fact, you could read on the Answers in Genesis’ website about how we’re all biased). I am asking, “Do everyone a favor—quit calling this ‘Ham’s interpretation.’”

I don’t want anyone to believe in a young earth, a global Flood, or a literal Genesis because I say so—I want others to believe in biblical creation because the Creator says so! God’s Word is clear that He created the universe in six days just a few thousand years ago and that there was a global Flood—just as it is clear that Jesus Christ stepped into history, died on the Cross for our sin, and rose from the grave, defeating death. What I say really doesn’t matter. What matters is what God’s infallible, perfect Word says.

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