New Online Course Now Available: Critical Thinking Scan

by Ken Ham on November 12, 2022
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Every young person needs this! Every pastor and church leader needs this, too! Every parent needs this! Okay, what am I referring to?

We just released a brand-new online course, Critical Thinking Scan, featuring AiG’s talented speaker and writer Patricia Engler. This course doesn’t teach students what to think—it teaches them how to think, equipping them with the tools to process any new faith-challenging message and arrive at a biblical, logical conclusion themselves. It’s an essential tool to counter our world of bite-size messaging, propaganda, humanistic assumptions, and “fake news.”

With video lessons and quizzes, students will sharpen their ability to spot propaganda, catch logical fallacies, and separate facts from assumptions—skills that are truly invaluable for any Christian wishing to meaningfully engage with our contemporary world to shine the light of the gospel.

This eight-module course, like all of our online courses, isn’t just for teenagers. It’s for anyone and everyone—parents, teachers (continuing education credits available), pastors, youth leaders, and more. I encourage every parent—especially those who have children in the public education system or are soon leaving for college—to enroll their young person in this course (and consider taking the class with them and sharing together what you’re learning!). At only $29, it’s very affordable!

Be sure to register for this brand-new course, Critical Thinking Scan, and check out our other apologetics and world religions and cults classes at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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