First Century Judean Soldiers Are Coming to the Creation Museum, July 29–30, 2022

by Ken Ham on July 8, 2022
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Last July, we opened a brand-new exhibit at the Creation Museum, Borderland: Israel at the Time of Jesus. This very detailed and extremely fascinating exhibit unpacks the world that Jesus was born into, bridging the gap between the Old and New Testaments and providing helpful context for the people and events of Jesus’ lifetime. It’s a must-see!

And we’re celebrating the one-year anniversary with a special weekend event, Borderland Living History Experience, July 29–30, 2022, at the Creation Museum. The exhibit comes to life with reenactors in accurately recreated costumes of Judean soldiers. This is a great experience for the whole family, and it’s included free with your Creation Museum admission (and kids 10 and under receive free admission for all of 2022!)

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New Book: Borderland Available for Preorder

The exhibit is so detailed, it’s challenging to explore all of the content in one visit, so I’m also excited to announce we have a new book Borderland: Israel in the Time of Jesus available for preorder. This book features all of the teaching from the exhibit, along with beautiful photographs, behind-the-scenes information, and more.

This book is a fascinating read on its own or a wonderful supplement to your New Testament reading. You could even use it as a homeschooling resource (like a textbook) to help students understand what happened from the end of the Old Testament to the start of the New Testament, setting the scene for the time of Christ.

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