The Gender and Marriage War Book Is Now Available

by Ken Ham on August 15, 2021
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Our culture is waging a war against God’s very good design for marriage and sexuality. And, as Christians who know the truth, we cannot stand by and be silent. For the sake of image-bearers of God who are running headlong into destruction, we must boldly and unashamedly proclaim God’s very good design, the truth about sin, and the hope and healing of the gospel of Christ.

Our new book, The Gender and Marriage War, features chapters from your favorite Answers in Genesis authors and was edited by Bodie Hodge, Avery Foley, and me. This just-released resource will equip you to stand in the midst of the war raging around us and, armed with biblical truth, defend God’s Word and proclaim the gospel message.

The Gender & Marriage War

The Gender and Marriage War equips you with a “big picture” perspective that cuts through the confusion of our culture and enables you to think biblically in these areas. It’s a wonderful resource for church leaders, parents, and high school students to better build a biblical worldview and answer the attacks of our day.

And yes, we do love those people who disagree with us. But we also need to share the truth from God’s Word with them with gentleness and respect.

Avery, Bodie, and I recently chatted about why this resource—and speaking up on these issues—is so important. I encourage you to watch this 30-minute interview:

You can find this brand-new resource at

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